the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art


13.09 - 22.10.2012

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Program: [Ural factories Ц Industries of meaning]

With support from Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Initiator National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)
Co-Initiators Sverdlovsk Region Governor’s Office, Government of the Sverdlovsk Region, Ekaterinburg City Administration

Organizer Ural Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts
Co-Organizer The “New Art” Regional Public Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art

Biennial Commissioner Alisa Prudnikova
Biennial Curator Iara Bubnova 


the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art

The 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art will take place in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region from September, 13 to October, 22, 2012.

The Ural Industrial Biennial is not only an event unique in its concept and scale; it is also an important resource for regional development. The biennial engages with number of important issues faced by the city and re-articulates them through the medium of contemporary art. As an important artistic and cultural event, the Biennial becomes a point of attraction for a large audience and draws it into the biennial movement, while at the same time valorizing Ekaterinburg's place on the global cultural map.

The 1st Ural Industrial Biennial took place in Ekaterinburg in 2010. During the one month it was open, the exhibition’s venues were visited by about 60 thousand people from Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk oblast, and other regions. The project’s exposition area totaled over 40 thousand square meters; 6 industrial venues were used by the main and special projects. Over 250 artists from 59 countries took part in the Biennial. 16 international foundations and diplomatic missions gave the project international partnership support. The project resulted in over 1500 publications in Russian and international media.

New development strategies of the 2012 Ural Industrial Biennial will include:
• Expanding the project’s geography (to cover the Ural Federal District);
• New project structure (main project, special projects, parallel program, art-residencies);
• Inter-biennial partnership (with ZERO1 Biennial, San Jose, USA);
• Intellectual Platform (a series of multi-format events designed to configure the discussion space where the professional community could give careful consideration to new issues that the biennial posits for the city and the region)
• Medialization of the Biennial (creation of mobile applications and a 'media capsule' of the Biennial based on ISO containers);
• Invited projects (projects developed by the “Garage” Center for Contemporary Culture and the “Winzavod” Center for Contemporary Art);
• Joint projects with classical institutions (as part of a centennial celebrations of the Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, the Theater’s art director will stage a special ballet for one of the biennial's industrial venues).

Events to take place before the opening of the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial

March – November 2012
Curatorial practices

A series of lectures and master-classes conducted by invited curators and critics at the Ural NCCA and aimed at establishing a connection between the conceptual component of the Biennial and its immediate curatorial projects.

01.04.2012 – 12.09.2012
Online project of the 2nd Ural Biennial

Transcripts of lectures, talks, round tables and other products of the Intellectual Platform will be systematically published on the Biennial’s web site (, thereby creating a continuously developing context that all future participants will have to interact with. The web site will enable all interested parties to openly discuss topics of the Intellectual Platform.

31.05.2012 – 1.06.2012
“Production and Usage“
panel at the conference «The Contours of Post-Fordism in Contemporary Russia. Between Uncertainty and Stable Institutions» (Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art)
The panel will include several talks on the agenda of the Intellectual Platform, aiming to analyze the role of contemporary art as a complex social phenomenon in the context of post-Fordism.

12.07.2012 – 15.07.2012
Preview of the Biennial at the Ural International Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovations “Innoprom 2012”

A new aspect of the Ural Industrial Biennial will be the creation of a media platform that will include the presentation of a media capsule of the Biennial based on ISO containers. The aim of the Preview is to engage the Biennial in the discussion of the practices of territory-altering innovations.
Analytical component of the Biennial Preview
As a part of the Intellectual Platform, we will organize a series of roundtables and talks in which critics, scholars, and curators will connect the themes of the Biennial with the topical problems discussed at the Innoprom forum.

July – September 2012
Art-residencies of the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial
Within the framework of the program, invited artists from different countries (USA, Russia, France, Holland) will arrive at operational Ural plants to create unique works of art based on the specific character of each individual site. The “Art Residencies” will take place before the official opening of the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial and their completed projects will be displayed during the Vernissage Week in Ekaterinburg.

13.09.2012 – 15.09.2012
Symposium of the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial

The pinnacle of the Intellectual Platform that will bring together those who have already participated in the Platform as well as new scholars, curators, and critics. The Symposium aims to summarize the conceptual development of the Intellectual Platform and to connect it to the artistic projects of the Biennial.

Post-biennial seminar

The seminar, timed to coincide with the closing of the Ural Biennial, will summarize the results of the Intellectual Platform and outline the plan for the publication of its materials and proceedings.



Alisa Prudnikova, Biennial Commissioner

Andrey Shcherbenok, curator of the Intellectual Platform

Ermolaeva Kristina, public relations manager

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