Hecho en México: on the Mexican culture at first hand


12.04 - 13.04.2010

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Program: [Collaboration]

Place: Ural Federal University

Coordinator: [Irina Kudryavtseva]

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Ekaterinburg branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts
Ural State Gorky University
Department of Art History and Cultural Studies
Ural Department of Cinematographers Union of Russia Federation
Supported by the Embassy of Mexico in Russia
and National Foundation CONACULTA (Mexico)

April, 12-13
Hecho en México: on the Mexican culture at first hand


In April Ekaterinburg has hosted a Mexican delegation headed by the ambassador of Mexico in Russia Alfredo Perez Bravo.

During 2 days lectures and other events dedicated to contemporary art, economics, politics and culture of Mexico were held in Ural State Gorky University presented by the ambassador of Mexico in Russia Mr. Alfredo Perez Bravo, cultural attaché of the Embassy of Mexico in Russia Henok de Santiago and curator Claudia Arozqueta. The guests gave a theoretical observation of the current processes taking place in modern Mexico and shared their views on Latino-American originality.

Nowadays attention of European and American art-community is more and more attracted towards the Latin American contemporary art. During the last several years there are increasingly more personal exhibitions of young Mexican artists as well as collaborative Mexican art-projects on various biennials of contemporary art being held in Europe and the U.S. Particular interest of international experts and curators of contemporary art is caused by works of Carlos Amorales, Francis Alÿs, Jaime Ruiz Otis, Jonathan Hernandez, Julieta Aranda, Maria Alos and others.

In Ekaterinburg, one of the first encounters with Mexican art happened in 2008 within the exhibition “INTRANSITION RUSSIA”. That time Mexican art was represented by works of Carlos Amorales – a famous video and installation artist. In autumn 2010, an exhibition of contemporary Mexican artists (including Carlos Amorales, Jonathan Hernandez, Jose Davilia and others) is to be held within the first Ural Industrial Biennale of contemporary art.


April 12 (Monday)

Lecture by the ambassador of Mexico in Russia Alfredo Perez Bravo
“Mexico today: 200 years of Independence, 100 years of Mexican Revolution and 120 years of Mexican-Russian diplomatic relations”
Ural State Gorky University (51 Lenin str.)

Screening of the film “La Ilusión viaja en tranvía” by Luis Bunuel
A rare example of the cinematography classics. The film was shot by the famous director-surrealist in Mexico.
Dom Kino (Lunacharsko, 137)

April 13 (Tuesday)

Lecture by curator and art critic Claudia Arozqueta (Mexico)
“The art tension. The panorama of contemporary Mexican art”
Ural State Gorky University (51 Lenin str.)

Claudia Arozqueta – curator, art critic, art historian. An expert in Mexican contemporary art as well as in media-art. Arozqueta has an ongoing interest in Russian art and art of former CIS members. In the recent years she actively collaborated with Moscow art institutions and frequently published in art-magazines, such as Artforum.com, Ambientes, Obras, Replicante, ArtNotes, Quattro, Umelec International, Revista Reves, ARTL!ES. Claudia is an author of several articles and papers dedicated to art of Cesar Martinez Silva, Joaquin Segura, Teresa Margolles and others.

Screening of the video-art program “The art tension”
Curator: Claudia Arozqueta
Artists: Mauricio Alejo, Francis Alÿs, Edgardo Aragón, Artemio, Maria Alos, Miguel Calderón, Claudia Fernández, Verena Grimm, Rubén Gutiérrez, Gonzalo Lebrija, Yoshua Okon, Edgar Orlaineta, Joaquín Segura, Roberto de la Torre, Emilio Valdés.

Kudryavceva Irina – program coordinator in Ekaterinburg

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