Pair Skating. Contemporary Art of the Ural region


01.12 - 27.12.2015

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Program: [Ural Ц Regions]

Ural contemporary art has a history of its own. It started in 1960s with the development of independent art groups, informal communities of artists and the emergence of Ural actionism in late 1980s. New interpretations of art that had been inspired by Sverdlovsk Film Studio, an animated cartoons union and a school of documentary films, played a significant part in the evolution of contemporary art in the Urals. Informal, non-institutional art and performances peaked in the middle of 1990s. Russian rock music and contemporary dance were the areas of “real” art, independent and uncensored. 2000s have seen a shift from the cultural boom to the ongoing systematization and regulation—the art life in Ekaterinburg has become much more structured. Today, there are more and more new institutions working with contemporary artists.

Arbitrarily pairing the artists with each other, the exhibition is trying to highlight the relations in a vast and heterogeneous field of contemporary art of the region. Abandoning the age, gender, geographical or any other approach allows us to focus on finding the common meaning and drawing parallels between contemporary artists without making direct comparisons.

What can merge street art, painting, photography, animated cartoons, sketches of stage setting, and covers of music albums into a unified art field? From the works of photographer Ildar Ziganshin to the paintings of Misha Shayevich Brusilovsky, from the animated cartoons of Nina Bisyarina to the slogans of Timothy Radya—what unique pairs can we put together in this field?

The opening of the exhibition will feature a Leonid Lugovykh’s performance, where the artist will offer everyone to pay just 33 rubles for their personal chromosomal portraits. Also, visitors can use the “Bankomart” created by "ZhKP" art group to exchange banknotes of any denomination for the works of contemporary art. The Bankomart will be available throughout the whole period of the exhibition.

Artists: Evgeny Arbenev /Anastasia Bogomolova, Oleg Blyablyas /Natalia Balabanova, Misha Shayevich Brusilovsky / Ekaterina Poyedinschikova, Vladimir Zhukov / Sasha Saltanova, Ildar Ziganshin / Vladimir Seleznev, Vladimir Kravtsev / Yuliya Klimovskikh, Sergey Laushkin / Yurko Koval, Leonid Lugovykh / “ZhKP” art group, Sergey Rogozhkin / Sergey Poteryaev, Alexey Ryzhkov / Victor Koryakin, Oxana Cherkasova / Nina Bisyarina, Alexander Shaburov / Timothy Radya

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