Ive Lived My Life, Im Not Dead Yet. Tribute to B.U.Kashkin


16.05 - 23.08.2015

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I’ve Lived My Life, I’m Not Dead Yet. Tribute to B.U.Kashkin
May 16 – August 23

Exhibition opens at the Museum Night on May 16, 7pm.

Artists: Yuliya Abzaltdinova, Anastasia Bogomolova, Denis Bolshakov, Bicycle Art Group, Vladimir Gorohov, Polina Guzeyeva, Irina Danilova, ZhKP group, Vladimir Zhukov, Ekaterina Kaluzhnikova, Anastasia Kizilova, Yurko and Karina Koval, Pyotr Korobeinikov, Valery Korchagin, Victor Koryakin, Sergey Laushkin, Galina Lezhnina, Leonid Lugovyh, Liza Morozova, Anna Mrykhina, Ksenia Nazarova, Ekaterina Poedinschikova, Sergey Poteryaev, Sergey Rozhin, Yuliya Svirepova, The Blue Noses group, Fyodor Telkov, Leonid Kharlamov and RAL5015 Ensemble, Natalia Khokhonova, Vitaly Cherepanov, Alexander Shaburov, Evgenia Shipunova

We would like to express special gratitude to Yury Komlev, Marina Medvedeva and Alexander Usenko for providing access to archive materials.

March 2015 marked exactly 10 years since the passing of Evgeny Mikhailovich Malakhin, or Old Man B.U.Kashkin, as he was known in Ekaterinburg. He was one of the most extraordinary figures of non-official art in Sverdlovsk- Ekaterinburg: an artist, a poet, a musician, whose heritage was uniquely versatile. B.U.Kashkin, a person of incredible charisma, encouraged young people to engage in art, setting an example of tolerance and healthy lifestyle in his works, and inspiring the people around him with optimism.

2015 | from MYSTICAL MOB on Vimeo.

In 1988, he created “Kartinnik” society and developed in his artistic practice a new type of artistic work: a communicative game practice on the one hand, a development of urban space on the other—literally becoming the first street artist of Sverdlovsk / Ekaterinburg.
Bukashkin’s work is explored by researches in a variety of contexts: both as a naive art and as a contemporary art expanding upon the language of modernism. His works were shown at rock concerts, as well as at the academic exhibitions of “artist’s books”. Many currently active Ekaterinburg artists talk about Bukashkin’s influence on their work, for example Alexander Shaburov.

For this tribute exhibition, the Ural Branch of NCCA has invited artists working not only in similar genres to Bukashkin (artist’s book, experimental photography, musical performance, happening), but who are also remain artistically true to his fundamental principle: “art isn’t so much the work of art itself, as it is an act of communication”.

An important aspect of this exhibition is a study of a little known part of Bukashkin’s personal life – very few people are aware that Evgeny Malakhin was a successful power engineer. Video interviews with Bukashkin’s colleagues and previously unknown photographic archives will be brought together to help learn more about this usually less explored side of the artist’s personality.

A reconstruction of Lev Gutovsky’s performance “Major Brown’s Travelling Orchestra” will be prepared specifically for the Night of the Museum 2015. This street performance of travelling musicians was first presented by Gutovsky together with the New Artistic Orchestra in 1990, in the lobby of Ekaterinburg Youth Palace, alongside B.U.Kashkin’s little orchestra. “Major Brown’s Travelling Orchestra” will invite different associations – some viewers might find this performance similar to the one of a travelling circus, while others may think of popular mechanics or even of a peculiar recital of street musicians. Regardless, no one would be bored.

The book “B.U. Kashkin” is timed to appear for the exhibition opening. This volume features a collection of B.U. Kashkin’s different works (his poems, “cookings”, “icon plastics”, anti-alcoholic posters, painted and carved pedagogical boards etc.), his interviews, as well as reminiscences of people who knew him.

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