BAZHOV FEST-2016. The New Ural Mythologies


13.07 - 28.08.2016

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BAZHOV FEST-2016. The New Ural Mythologies

On the 80th anniversary of the first publication of Pavel Bazhov’s tales, the Ural Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art is launching the first BAZHOV FEST.

“BAZHOV FEST aims to create the new interpretations of Pavel Bazhov’s tales, a collection of Ural myths of the post-modernity, and a confluence of contemporary art with folklore and ethnography. Every two years, NCCA holds the Ural Industrial Biennial that artistically conceptualizes the actuality of the Ural region as the industrial territory. Consequently, during the non-biennial years we have launched a festival dedicated to another, no less fundamental side of Ural identity: its mythological and mystical part” – says Alisa Prudnikova, director of the Ural Branch of NCCA.

Alexander Shaburov, an artist and artistic director of BAZHOV FEST about the idea behind this event:
Once I was going down the street, when I passed a poster advertisement of a new Hollywood film “Maleficent” starring Angelina Jolie as a horned fairy of some kind. I asked myself: “Who does she remind me of?”—and realized that she looked exactly as the mistress of the Copper Mountain! Other fantastic creatures of the underworld, described by Pavel Bazhov, reminded J. R. Tolkien’s characters. So, why don’t we exploit our regional myths? Why don’t we translate them into the works of contemporary art and languages of modern youth subcultures and fan communities?
The 1960−1970s set stylistics limitations for the visual interpretation of the Ural myths. Later, these images were just replicated: characters appeared wearing the inevitable felted boots and sheepskin overcoats (or head scarves and aprons) on the background of conventional landscapes. Nobody ever tried to rethink Pavel Bazhov, to teleport his heroes into our times or to make him more contemporary. Bazhov’s mysterious world of extraordinary hand-made creations and infernal creatures invisible to the outsiders turned into the hoary clichés.
We want to collect new urban myths, to create new Ural tales, new art-ethnographies and art-cartographies. Overall, it’s an art−anthropology, a research of people’s lives through art – this is what art should do. Our main strategy is paradox: unusual comparisons of typically incongruous objects and phenomena. Expanding the context: Pavel Bazhov and special effects, Pavel Bazhov and computer games, Pavel Bazhov and Mansi, Pavel Bazhov and reptiloids, Pavel Bazhov and Boris Yeltsin, Pavel Bazhov and opera. Our method is the marriage of modern technologies with mythical, folklore-based and ethnographic stories, a renewal of contemporary art by grafting it with elements of magic, fantasy and metaphysics.

Special guest of BAZHOV FEST – Vitaly Volovich, People's Artist of the Russian Federation.
Scientific Advisor – Maria Litovskaya, editor of Bazhov Encyclopedia, DLitt.

Festival Program

Exhibition “The New Malachite Jewelry Box”
July 14 – August 21

Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)
New interpretations of Pavel Bazhov’s tales and Ural mythologies of post-modernity. New Ural myths, new Ural heroes, new Ural miracles, new Ural monsters. On the one hand, it’s an introduction of regional folklore and mythology into contemporary art: on the other—an attempt to translate the local into the international and global contexts.

“The New Ural Mythologies” Lecture Program and Guided Tours
July – August

Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)
An extensive educational and research program that opens for research the region’s mythopoetic potential and helps to establish the new ways of mainstreamification of the Ural mythologies, will take place within the framework of BAZHOV FEST. The lecture program focuses on popularizing myths, legends, the imaginary past and the forgotten historical past—everything that feeds the narratives describing the Ural region and Ekaterinburg, their nature and identity.
Unique tours around the Middle Urals will be starting every Saturday (July 30, August 6, August 13, August 20 and August 27); they will send you on a hunt for myth deposits. During the one-day tours, participants will visit the places that were either previously considered lacking tourist attraction, or were perceived only as places of recreation. Historians, archeologists, writers and artists will be your guides on these tours.
Educational program for children is a creative lab for experiments in animation, graphic arts, video art and public art, which will culminate in an exhibition. The project will be presented on August 20.

• July 7 (7pm) – open discussion “Which Bazhov? Who is Working with the Heritage of “Ural Homer” and How They Do It”. Participants: researchers of P. Bazhov’s literary heritage, artists and philosophers. Venue: Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)

• July 8 (7pm) - lecture of Olga Moreva “Crime Novels and Robinson Crusoe: Pavel Bazhov’s Favorite Childhood Books”. Venue: Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)

• July 11 (7pm) – lecture of Sergey Kovalevsky “Direct Speech of the Siberian Fairy Tale. Mythopoetic Tests of Contemporary Art”. Venue: Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)

• July 12 (TU) 7pm – meeting with Damir Muratov "From Siberia with Love". Venue: Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)

• July 13 at 2pm –action of Sergey Laushkin “Let’s meet under the mitten”. Venue: Monument to the Soldiers-Volunteers of the Ural Tank Corps (Landside area)

• July 21 – August 22 – exhibition “Dances of Bazhovka Girl”. PoLe Gallery (50/ZH Lenin Ave., a building of Sverdlovsk Film Studios)

• July 28 − August 10 – exhibition of Natalia Khokhonova “Bazhov and Lapidei”. Cultural Transit Foundation (24 Pushkin St., basement)

• July 30 –performance based on the poems of contemporary Ural poets “Words above the Mountains”. Performance company “The Sounding Body” (Nizhny Tagil). Venue: Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)

• August 1 – 31 – exhibition “An Offering of Old Mountains”. Pavel Bazhov in books and pictures. Joint project of Library named after V.G. Belinsky and Tatyana’s Day Art Club. Catalogues Hall (15 Belinsky St.)

• August 3 – 31 – exhibition of Zoya Lebedeva (Udmurtia-Estonia) “The Enchantress’s Diary”. Original technique (grass weaving, graphics). Ekaterinburg Gallery of Contemporary Art (32 Krasnoarmeiskaya St.)

• August 17 – September 5 – VIII International Festival of Actual Art “LOM. Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after V. Mayakovsky. (230 Michurin St.)

• August 18 – presentation of “The Tales” project, authors Fyodor Telkov and Zhenya Chaika. Venue: Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)

• August 20 – a series of final performances of “The Rules of the Game” international laboratory (Russia-Finland). Venue: Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)

• August 20 – BAZHOV PICNIC during the City Day. Venue: Ural Branch of NCCA (19a Dobrolubov St.)

• August 25 - September 18 – exhibition of Vasily Slonov (Krasnoyarsk-Moscow) “Childhood Friends”. A series of ironic light art-objects designed in the artist’s original X-ray graphics technique. Ekaterinburg Gallery of Contemporary Art (32 Krasnoarmeiskaya St.)

* The Festival is timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the first publication of Pavel Bazhov’s tales. The first four tales appeared by the end of 1936, laying the foundation for the author’s famous storybook “The Malachite Jewelry Box”. Sverdlovsk publishing house printed a collection of stories “Pre−revolutionary Folklore in the Urals”

Organizer: Ural Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA)
Co-organizer: New Collection Foundation
With the support of:
Ekaterinburg City Administration Ministry of Culture
Yermak Investment Company
Ekaterinburg House of the Writer
The United Museum of Ural Writers
Pavel Bazhov’s Memorial House
Ekaterinburg Gallery of Contemporary Art
Museum of Old Man B.U. Kashkin, Ural Federal University
State Archives of Sverdlovsk Region
Sverdlovsk Regional Research Library named after V.G. Belinsky
Tatyana’s Day Art Club
POLE Gallery
Cultural Transit Foundation
Collection Foundation
Russian− Finnish Dance Exchange Program
Ensemble of Modern Music "InterText" at the State Academic Conservatoire named after M. Mussorgsky
Folio Studio of Photographic Printing and Photo Books
Ekaterinburg Nuclear Energy Information Center
Electra Group
Newton Group
Technical partner: Panasonic Russia
Opening ceremony partner: Abrau-Dyurso

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