Broken Air


19.03 - 09.05.2015

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Program: [Collaboration]

Venue: Ural Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA)

Artists: Yury Avvakumov, Constantin Batynkov, Rinat Voligamsi, Alexey German Jr., Alexey Belyayev-Gintovt, Alexander Brodsky, Alexey Buldakov, Vladislav Efimov, Alexander Mareyev, Damir Muratov, Timur Novikov, Maria Pererodina, Andrey Rudyev, Victor Sachivko, Vasiliy Slonov, “The Blue Soup”, Mikhail Tarasov, Vadim Fishkin, Olga Florenskaya, Alexey Shulgin, Sergey Shutov.

Curators: Maria Ilbeikina, Sergey Kovalevsky.

Organizers: Ural Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Art, Krasnoyarsk Museum Center.

“Broken Air” is the fourth in the series of projects by the Ural Branch of NCCA focusing on the contemporary art collections (“Pleasure Principle” – a private collection of Nadezhda and Andrei Agishev, “Age out of Sight” – the works from the collection of the NCCA, “Materia Prima” – collection of the PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art). The exhibition will feature selected works of contemporary artists, which have been collected by the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center since 1993.
The works of over 20 famous Russian contemporary artists play out as an exciting, paradoxical and melancholic story: “The drama of aerial feelings and incidents, where frailness is not just a synonym of lightness, tenderness and fragility of relationship between the earth and the sky, but also a sign of illusions lost and ideals forgotten. Different “shot-up pilots” come together here in a flock of “people of the air” that reminds us of fresh wind, stars and cosmic harmony of celestial bodies. Each element displayed at the exhibition tells its own story of the emerging chaos, the breakdown of something unyielding, something typically non-fragile and permanent”.

Krasnoyarsk Museum Center was founded as the Krasnoyarsk branch of the Central Museum of V. I. Lenin, the only one in Siberia and Russian Far East, and the 13th on the territory of former Soviet Union. Today, the museum is the largest presentation platform of contemporary art in Siberia, where development and preservation of its own art collection takes place along with exhibitions, communicative and educational events, and numerous projects. Since 1995, the Center has been hosting the Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale, a one of its kind forum of art works within the museum framework. In 2002, the Center pioneered the first Night of Museums in Russia, drawing from the European tradition of museum nights. Every year the Krasnoyarsk Night of Museums turns into a laboratory of creative experiments with youth subcultures, attracting about 3000 visitors.


Сломанный воздух | ГЦСИ from MYSTICAL MOB on Vimeo.

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