Promenade Performance School


24.09 - 20.11.2016, 22:00-23:00

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Promenade Performance “School” - it is a story about nationwide school, narrated by its graduates and teachers. It is travel from school to centre for contemporary art, that had opened on Dobrolubova street, 19a in 2011 year. Earlier in that building was situated Nationwide school named after Nekrasov and night school. The performance covered a period from early 20 century to today.

The basis of the play’s dramaturgy lay documents, archive materials, stories of persons, who worked or studied at that school in different years.

During an action spectators will be allowed to access the closed for public rooms of National Centre for contemporary art (NCCA) - promenade performance took place in the whole space ot the Centre, including exhibit room and staff room. You will be allowed to see where create their works famous contemporary artists of Ekaterinburg: Timofey Radya, art collective “Where the dogs run», Vladimir Seleznyov, whose studios are on the first floor of Ural branch of NCCA.

Actors of Kolyada-theatre and Sverdlovsk State Academic Drama theatre will tell the history of the school reincarnating to it’s teachers and learners – Honored Artist of Russia Irina Ermolova will become strict but fair teacher, Sergey Fyodorov – guard and Anton Makushin – a character accidentally got into the building, a secret of whose viewers will find out in the end of the performance.

Linking in interdisciplinary project “School” contemporary art and theatre, we let viewers opportunity of new, more deep experience and dive into the context of history and fate of the building on Dobrolubova street, 19a

Project curator: Olga Komleva
Director: Alexander Vahov
Dramaturges: Sabrina Karabaeva, Valery Shergin
Actors: Igor Aleshkin, Ilya Belov, Anton Butakov, Alexander Vahov, Honored Artist of Russia Irina Ermolova, Alisa Kravtsova, Anton Makushin, Ekaterina Sokolova, Anastasia Pankova, Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Fyodorov

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