Exhibition at the Blekinge Museum (Sweden)


09.06 - 16.09.2012

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Included in: [International Art Project Telling the Baltic]

Curators: [Yulia Bardoun], [Elena Tsvetaeva]

Exhibition at the Blekinge Museum (Sweden)

The first exhibition in the framework of the project “Telling the Baltic” was opened on June 9th 2012 at the Blekinge Museum (Karlskrona, Sweden).

The project is a part of an international program ArtLine  and an experimental platform for those who work in the cultural field in everyday practice (artists, cultural and research workers) and those whose life and activities are tightly connected to the sea (seamen and their families, fishermen, port employees, etc.), the so-called “sea travelers”. During the first stage of the project its participants collected stories from “sea travelers”. These stories were recorded in a range of formats, such as texts, audio, video, etc. and were the starting point for artists in the making of their artworks which were later presented in Karlskrona.

. Lyubin, V. Kolesnik                                                                  . Zabrodin

Exhibition participants in Karlskrona:
Patrycja Orzechowska [PL], Iwona Zając [PL], Anna Steller [PL], Łukasz Szałankiewicz [PL], Anna Zaradny [PL], Johan Thurfjell [SE], Astrid Göransson [SE], Anna Brag [SE], Henrik Lund Jørgensen [DK], Anton Zabrodin [RU], Irma Stanaitytė [LT], Jurgita Remeikytė [LT], Marek Zygmunt [PL], Paetrick Schmidt [DE], Katrin Roeber [DE], Laura Stasiulyte [LT], Dainius Dapkevičius [LT], Oleg Blyablyas [RU], Konstantin Traschenkov [RU], Alexander Lyubin [RU], Vassily Kolesnik [RU].

. Traschenkov                                                                               .Zabrodiin

The participation of artists from Russia and Lithuania was made possible with the financial support of the European Cultural Foundation (www.eurocult.org)

Apart from the exhibition in Karlskrona, the project will also be presented through 2012-2013 in Gdansk, Kaliningrad and Rostock. In each city the exposition will be different and will feature new participants and artworks.

The artists prepared their works though a participation in a series of workshops in March and April this year where they presented the collected stories, discussed the outcomes of their research, talked about their artistic strategies and shared experience with counterparts from other countries. On the whole the project gathered 27 artists from Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, Germany and Denmark.

The exhibition in the Blekinge Museum is open till September 16th.
The next exhibition of the “Telling the Baltic” project will open on October 5th 2012 at the Centre for Contemporary Arts “Laznia” (Gdansk, Poland).

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