International Art Project Telling the Baltic


02.04.2012, Monday

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Curator: Torun Ekstrand (Blekinge, Sweden)

The international art project "Telling the Baltic" is made jointly by the KRPO "ArtMisson" (Russia), Nida Art Colony & Art Academy (Vilnius, Nida/Lithuania), the Baltic branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad, Russia) with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) in the framework of the project by the Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art (Gdansk/Poland), Kunsthalle (Rostock/Germany), the Blekinge County Museum and Institute of Technology (Blekinge/Sweden) with the support of the EU (European Development Fund) and the Ministry of Culture and National heritage of Poland.
The project "Telling the Baltic" is an experimental platform for cooperation between those who work in the cultural field in their everyday practice (artists, cultural and research workers) and those whose life and activities are tightly connected to the sea (seamen and their families, fishermen, marine researchers, divers, surfers) from Germany, Russia (Kaliningrad), Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.
During the first stage of the project its participants will collect stories from "sea travelers". Kaliningrad artists - either on their own or with the help of experts (journalists, sociologists, writers) - will be tasked to find unique "sea travelers" in the Kaliningrad region and record their stories in a range of forms, like texts, audio, video interview, photography. These stories will be later translated in English and handed over to participants from Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden for further possible collaboration. They will be published on the project web-page and as accompanying materials for the future exhibition, and will also be included in the museum collection in Kaliningrad and Klaipeda.
The stories collected from "sea travelers" will lay basis for contemporary artists who will artistically interpret those in the second stage of the project and create their own artworks in a form of video, audio, films, installations, objects, etc.
All the artworks will be presented in 2012-2013 in the framework of exhibitions and presentations in the Blekinge County Museum (Karlskruna, Sweden), the Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art (Gdansk, Poland), Kunsthalle (Rostock, Germany) and in the exhibition halls of Kaliningrad and Nida. There will also be an additional exhibition organized on a ship.

Chief project curator: Torun Ekstrand (Blekinge, Sweden)

Kaliningrad: Yulia Bardun, Elena Tsvetaeva, coordinator Zinaida Shershun
Nida/Vilnius: Rasa Antanaviciute
Gdansk: Agnieszka Wolodzko
Blekinge: Perio Elovaara, Lissa Holloway-Attaway

Project web-page:

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