Russia Next Door. Art installations from Kaliningrad


13.10 - 24.11.2011

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Curators: Magda Kardasz, [Evgeny Umansky], [Irina Tchesnokova]

Oleg Blyablyas. «A male dance», 3-channel video installation, 2007

An exhibition of contemporary Kaliningrad artists «Russia Next Door. Art installations from Kaliningrad» which is a joint project of the art gallery BWA (Olsztyn, Poland) and the Kaliningrad branch of NCCA will be opened on October 13th, 2011 in the gallery space in Olsztyn.

Kaliningrad has recently become a point of attraction for artists from Russia and the world over. What enchants them is the complexity of historical collisions and the specificity of the territory from the point of view of its favorable geopolitical location and investment opportunities. But a reverse process is also being witnessed – local art is being in high demand as well. To face these external challenges and expectations contemporary art is becoming an efficient tool that operates with the image of the territory as a living and developing organism.

Yury Vassiliev. «Russian Red White», video performance, 2009, 01’45

The title of the exhibition project which presents the art of Kaliningrad in Olsztyn purposefully emphasizes the close territorial neighborhood of Russia and Poland – the two countries that are bound together by a long and complicated history of mutual relations, but which still remain quite distanced from each other. The project offers an opportunity for the viewer to perceive and to feel the country and the people living nearby through contemporary art that addresses relevant questions and existing problems. Which associations does Kaliningrad – an enclave that has no single border with Russia – give birth to? What is Soviet, Russian and national? To which end civil freedoms can affect and define the life of the country? How do ethnic and gender identities manifest themselves in everyday life? How is human and private revealed in a social context?
Nevertheless, the task for artists was not to “answer” for the city or the country. Free of a specific topic, all the artworks form a mosaic of present-day social and mental realities.

Dmitry Bulatov, Alexey Chebykin. «That Which Lives In Me», bioactive installation, Achatina fulica snails, Augmented Reality technologies, 2011

Oleg Blyablyas, Yury Vassiliev, Dmitry Bulatov, Alexey Chebykin, Alexander Podoprigorov, Elena Tsvetaeva, Evgeny Umansky, the San Donato group, Kseniya Uranova.

The exhibition will be featured by installations, video works and photos. The opening ceremony will be accompanied by an audio-visual performance “Quasidecoding” by Danil Akimov and Sergey Sorokin in the inner yard of the gallery.

The exhibition is open in the BWA gallery till November 24th, 2011.

BWA Galeria Sztuki w Olsztynie
Al. Marszałka J. Piłsudskiego 38
10-450 Olsztyn

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