25.10 - 13.11.2011

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Place: Kaliningrad Art gallery (60-62 Moskovsky prospekt st., Kaliningrad)

Curators: [Evgeny Umansky], [Irina Tchesnokova], Ewa Gorządek, Stach Szabłowski

Yury Vassiliev. “Russain Red Project. Narcissist”, photo, 2007

Centre for Contemporary Art “Ujazdowski Castle” (Warsaw, Poland)
Baltic branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad, Russia)
Partner of the project: Kaliningrad Regional Art Gallery
The project "Enclave" is co-finanaced by the City of Warsaw.

The international exhibition project “Enclave” aims at an artistic research of a complicated and diverse reality of Eastern Europe, in the special context of Kaliningrad – a Russian enclave surrounded by the countries of the European Union.
Kaliningrad is a special case of Eastern European geographical complexity, its geography of memory and identity. It can be regarded as a symbol and a model of regional diversity. The project will focus on the creative interpretation of the city and exposing its hidden meanings, also creating an alternative map that would visualize a complicated issue of Kaliningrad’s histories and narrations of various nations, layers of memories and material remnants of presence in this place of other cultures, political systems and economic orders.

Nicolas Grospierre. «Respect», photo, 2011


The project brings together works by Polish and Kaliningrad artists which highlight the reality defined by the notion of an “enclave”. The exhibits will be art works that refer to the political, geographical and historical specificity of the place, as well as art practices that touch upon such problems as isolation, forced and voluntary solitude, loneliness and rootlessness. For several months guest Polish artists have worked in the format of art residencies coming to grips with the special context of the place. The project has engaged visual artists, musicians, video artists, writers and experts working in the interdisciplinary fields of theatre, activism and public art.
The first stage of the project has gathered Polish and Russian artists, countries to join the project in future – Germany and Lithuania. These are the countries which have thus far determined the geography and identity of Kaliningrad both on contemporary and historical levels.
In December 2011 the “Enclave” project will be presented in Warsaw at the Centre for Contemporary Arts “Ujazdowsky Castle”.


Presented authors:
ZOR (Grzegorz Drozd and Alicja Łukasik), Maciej Stępiński, Mikołaj Grospierre, Katia Szadkowska, Yury Vassiliev, Evgeny Umansky, the “Nezhniye baby” group (Sasha Artamonova, Zhenya Lapteva).

A literary performance “Extracurricular reading” will be staged by Sasha Artamonova, Igor Belov, Zhenia Lapteva, Sergey Mikhailov, Pavel Nastin and Konstantin Traschenkov at the exhibition opening.

As part of the project various artistic events will be held in other museum and public spaces of the city:
Anna and Adam Witkowscy (Amber Museum); Artur Malewski “The Good Shepherd” (Art and Historical museum, Bunker museum); Ryszard Górecki “Scream” (Kant’s island).

The organizers would like to thank the Kaliningrad art gallery and the Regional Art and Historical museum for their support in the implementation of author projects.

On October 26th at 11 – 14 p.m. a round table will be held at the Kaliningrad art gallery in the framework of the “Enclave” project opening. It will gather the exhibition participants and project curators, writers, architects and philosophers who will discus the large notion of “enclave” as applied to their areas of expertise.

On November 5th at 19 p.m. 3 movies by Polish film directors Adam and Ania Witkowscy: “The Past” (31'40", 2005), “Remote viewer” (14'20", 2006) and “The first, the only one, the best” (18'10", 2006) will be shown in the framework of the VII EU Film festival at the “Zarya” cinema (hall “Artishok”).

Photos from projectpresentation

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