Kaliningrad and Ahrenshoop: 1:1 Ц Residencies and consequences


21.10 - 15.11.2011, 17:00-00:00

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Place: Kaliningrad Art gallery (60-62 Moskovsky prospekt st., Kaliningrad)

Curators: Gerlinde Creutzburg, [Zinaida Shershun]

Peter Riedlinger. “Boxer”, photography

The exhibition project “Kaliningrad und Ahrenshoop 1:1 - Residenzen und Konsequenzen” which is implemented by the Kaliningrad branch of NCCA, The New Art House Ahrenshoop (Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop ) and The Artists’ House Luke (Kuenstlerhaus Lukas) is a symbolical finalization of over 5 years of artistic exchange
between Kaliningrad and Ahrenshoop.

The exhibition will feature audio and visual works which were created during the working visits of German and Kaliningrad artists to Kaliningrad and Germany respectively, and projects made after the residency.
The authors researched the possibilities of cross-cultural cooperation and present their personal experience of artistic understanding of a new country of residency.

Oleg Blyablyas. “Solitude”, drawing

Danil Akimov (audio video piece), Elmar Bambach (photography), Oleg Blyablyas (video/drawing), Torsten Buchsteiner (prose/drama), Dmitry Bulatov (digital photo, object), Oleg Glushkin (prose), Evgenia Golant (painting), Dieter M. Graef (prose), Inke Gundlach (painting), Steffi Hensel (drama), Igor Issaev (graphics), Julia Marquardt (photography), Alexey Maslov (graphics), Yury Pavlov (photography), Peter Riedlinger (photography), Romana Schmalisch (installation/video), Andy Scholz (photography), Steffi Stangl (sculpture/installation), Doreen Uhlig (performance/installation), Yury Vassiliev (photography, installation), Norbert Wiesneth (photography).

Exhibition opening - October 21st, 5 p.m. The opening ceremony will be accompanied by an audio performance by Danil Akimov (Kaliningrad).

On October 19th in the framework of the opening of the exhibition project “Kaliningrad and Ahrenshoop 1:1 Residencies and Consequences” an artistic documentary “ Vityaz – 54° 42’ 22’’ N 20° 30’ 1’’ O” (2010, 11 mm, 26 min.) by Romana Schmalisch will be premiered. The screening will take place on a research vessel “Vityaz”. The documentation made during the opening will be exhibited at the Art Gallery.
The screening is co-organized by the BB NCCA and the World Ocean’s Museum.
Entrance by invitations only.

The “Kaliningrad and Ahrenshoop 1:1 – Residencies and Consequences” project was
presented in Germany in February 2011 at the New Art House (Ahrenshoop, Germany).

The exhibition in Kaliningrad will be open till November 13th, 2011


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