Kaliningrad and Ahrenshoop: 1:1 Residencies and consequences


26.02 - 18.04.2011, 17:00-00:00

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Place: Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop(Bernhard-Seitz-Weg 3a | DE-18347 Ahrenshoop)

Curators: Gerlinde Creutzburg, [Zinaida Shershun]

Yury Pavlov, “Shprahbariere”

The exhibition project “Kaliningrad und Ahrenshoop 1:1 - Residenzen und Konsequenzen” which is implemented by the Kaliningrad branch of NCCA, The New Art House Ahrenshoop (Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop ) and The Artists’ House Luke (Knstlerhaus Lukas) will symbolically finalize over 5 years of artistic cooperation between the aforementioned institutions and will tell about the residencies of German artists in Kaliningrad and about the residencies of Kaliningrad artists in Ahrenshoop (Germany).
The project organizers propose to document by means of artistic expression the dialogue about cultural boundaries whose possibility is questioned. At the same time, an artist is encouraged to explore the new country of residence. Among the exhibits are audio and visual works (performance, visual and acoustic installations, photos, prose and poetry, graphics, object, artist’s book) which were created both during the working visits to Kaliningrad and Ahrenshoop, and after the residency.

Danil Akimov, "Ahrensloop"                                                        Inke Gundlach, “Kaliningrad”

By juxtaposing “Ahrenshoop – Kaliningrad 1:1” the curators pursue the idea of manifesting possibilities or/and difficulties of cross-cultural interaction. Some will find it positive and artistically focused, some, on the contrary, will find it practically impossible, one that can be characterized by a critical approach to considering the particularities of a place. Struggle and confrontation with oneself and other artistic approaches and individualities can be equally referred to here.


Steffi Stangl, documentation of the project                                 Peter Riedlinger, “Kaliningrad Transit”
“T-shirts for Kaliningrad”                                 

1:1 – “one on one” – solitude, uncertainty, indeterminacy which arise when an artist is living in an international context devoting themselves to their work. In doing so, an artist is considering their own formal possibilities, as well as self-identification of an artistic personality in the framework of a creative process or an intensive exchange with other artists and local people…
1:1 – “one to one” – a creative dialogue of an artist with a place which approximates and equals the cities. A dialogue that is searching for the familiar in the foreign, that is taming and appropriating the foreign…
1:1 – “one-one” – a competition between an artist, a city, its dwellers, creative approaches and personal stories. A game that does not always end with a draw…

Norbert Wiesneth, “Kant Island”                              Igor Isaev, “Sand Man”

Alexey Maslov (painting, graphics), Igor Issaev (graphics), Yury Pavlov (photography), Yury Vassiliev (photography, installation), Oleg Glushkin (prose), Danil Akimov (sound installation), Oleg Blyablyas (video/drawing), Dmitry Bulatov (prose, installation), Inke Gundlach (painting), Peter Riedlinger (photography), Norbert Wiesneth (photography), Elmar Bambach, Julia Marquardt (photography), Torsten Buchsteiner (prose/drama), Steffi Hesnsel (drama), Andy Scholz (photography), Dieter M. Graef (prose), Steffi Stangl (sculpture/installation), Doreen Uhlig (performance/installation).

Exhibition opening – February 26, 5 p.m. 

Program of the exhibition opening:
– Opening speech: Gerlinde Creutzburg – art director, Artists’ House Ahrenshoop, Elena Tsvetaeva – director, Kaliningrad branch of NCCA, Zinaida Shershun – project curator, KB NCCA research officer
– Literary readings with Torsten Buchsteiner, Oleg Glushkin and Dieter M. Graef
– Sound performance by Danil Akimov (Kaliningrad)

Photos from projectpresentation

The exhibition “Kaliningrad – Ahrenshoop 1:1 – Residencies and consequences” will be shown in Kaliningrad from October 26th till December 26th 2011.

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