Russian Red White


11.12.2010, 19:00 Saturday

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Curators: Christoph Weiss, [Evgeny Umansky]

Location: Kunstraum B (Kiel, Ringstrasse 68, Germany)

The author project “Russian Red” is being implemented since 2001 and appears as a free unfinished sequence of motives and manifestations with a common motto, theme and technological nuances.
The project was presented at more than 30 international exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Austria, USA, Finland, Denmark, Island, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Belgium and so on, including:
“Davaj! Davaj!”, Postfuhramt, Berlin, Germany; MAK, Vienna, Austria (2002); “Behind the Red Horizon”, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland - NCCA, Moscow, Russia (2004); special project “Russian Red” at the 1st Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, NCCA, Moscow, Russia; “Brusland. Brussie. Brussia” in the framework of festival “Europalia. Russia”, Brussels, Belgium (2005); “ARS-06”, Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Helsinki, Finland (2006); the 1st Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg, Russia (2010).

The artist plays with one of the most widely-spread stereotypes of collective consciousness, related to the perception of image and history of Russia, both mythological and ideological – the totality of red. A video “Grove” is the key work of the project. It was filmed during a performance that the artist made in a winter forest near Kostroma. By injecting red into a traditional Russian landscape, the artist deepens its meaning and develops it from a purely decorative to a social one.

The Kunstraum B gallery presents a modified version of the project – “Russian Red White”. Here the totality of red is brought up to a state of absurdity and is practically ousted by white, snow veil and silence.

“On the one hand, the artist indulges himself in the issues of new technologies, new media in art and tests their rich possibilities as such. On the other, he is heavily influenced by the themes and motives which connect him with Russia, with his great and small Motherland. What he depicts is truly Russian, whether it is snow, a person, a house or nature. The generalized nature of these images and modern visual media render them common existential metaphors: this is the Fate of man, this is our Way, regardless of all the changes and improvements of the recent years”. (Ivan Chechot, text fragment from “Finding Motherland”)

Kunstraum B:

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