French Video-art from the collection of the MAC/VAL Contemporary Art Museum (Paris)


05.08.2010, 17:00 Thursday

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Curator: [Evgeny Umansky]

Bertran Lamarche "L Terrain ombelliferique / Umbelliferous Plot", 2005, video, 32'

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
The Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts

MAC/VAL Contemporary Art Museum
Embassy of France in the Russian Federation
Kaliningrad Art Gallery

5 August, 17:00 in the Kaliningrad Art Gallery there will be the opening of the exhibitional project “French video-art from the collection of the MAC/VAL Contemporary Art Museum”. The project is realized by the Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in the frames of the year “France-Russia 2010”.
MAC/VAL is one of the newest museums in Paris, opened in 2005. The collection of the museum, embracing the time from the 50s of the 20 century to the present day, accounts for several thousands of works by French and international artists, living in France.
Among museums of contemporary art MAC/VAL holds a special place. It became the first museum, especially constructed in one of the Paris outskirts, which acquired bad reputation in recent years. MAC/VAL is a unique social project, a rare occurrence, when a new museum is built not to become a supermarket of culture or another tourist attraction. MAC/VAL is a symbol of new public policy of the French government in the field of reconstruction and gentrification of socially unfavorable neighborhoods. In the course of the years the museum has taken almost the same place in the Paris cultural life, as Centre Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo and Le Marais gallery district.
In the Kaliningrad Art Gallery there will be shown video works of contemporary artists, selected especially for the exhibition in Russia. The works reflect special approach of the MAC/VAL collection, which is dedicated to metaphysics of the road, philosophy of the way and romance of the journey. The films offer a viewer to draw parallels between general and personal stories and try to understand the reason why people emigrate, what they follow in the path of traveling and what emerges in the end of the way?
The exhibition will be shown in the Kaliningrad Art Gallery up to 27 August 2010

Kaliningrad Art Gallery (Moskovsky prospect 60-62)

France-Russia 2010

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