Living in a Modern Society. Fragment

Public art presentation

16.01.2010, 16:00 Saturday

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Curator: [Evgeny Umansky]

Program: “Contemporary art and modern society”

Venue: Vasilkovo village (the Kaliningrad region)

Participants: Daniel Zegerberg, Carl Johan Engberg, Anna Odell

Partners: AP “Planet”, OOO “KSIL Kaliningrad”

Media-partner: AA “Molbert and Brothers”

9 and 16 January, 2010, Kaliningrad and Vasilkovo village (the Kaliningrad region), Charity projects in the frames of socio-cultural project “Life in modern society. Fragment” took place.

The framework of this project is materials from the “Life in modern society” exhibition, shown in November-December, 2009 in the Kaliningrad Art Gallery. The exhibition wad organized by the Kaliningrad Branch of the NCCA together with the Kalmar Art Museum (Sweden) and introduced 13 young Swedish artists, working with various social problems. One of them, Daniel Zegerberg, presented “Playground” installation. The author creates installations, from what he finds in the streets of the city. For his work in Kaliningrad the artist made use of materials, gathered on the construction site of the Kronprinz Tower mansards, the future Museum of Contemporary Art.

In accordance with the author’s wish, the installation was supposed to be returned back after the end of the exhibition, in the streets of the city. At instigation of a deputy and a sociologist Igor Makeev (TPS Association of Accord and Assistance) and curators of the Kaliningrad Branch of the NCCA, the installation was transferred from the gallery to the public space of the city and was granted the status of a public-art project. Shown in the centre of Kaliningrad, as well as in the yard of Vasilkovo village, “Playground” project, created from construction rubbish, has gained more social importance.

Demonstration of two videos from the “Life in Modern Society” exhibition followed the installation.

“We don’t go there” film by Carl Johan Engberg is about first church demolition in the Swedish history, about physical destruction of the symbol of the state, religion and faith.

The story, presented in the video by Anna Odell, is about a woman, who simulated a psychological fit on a bridge in Stockholm. The artist raises a question about who possesses a priority right in decision-making of social norms. This work has become one of the most discussed art projects in Sweden for the last decade.

Money, raised during charity events, is planned to steer into building of a sporting playground in Vasilkovo village, reconstruction of a ruined orthodox chapel in Guryevsk (the Kaliningrad region), and sponsor support to the Bolshe-Isakovsky rural orphanage.

Organisators believe, public exposure of contemporary art projects in the urban environment, will be able to draw attention to significant social problems in the Kaliningrad region.

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