Julien Salaud. Métamorphoses arachnéennes


20.05 - 06.06.2016

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The exhibition, created by French artist for The Night of Museums 2016, will feature the installation made with the use of artificial spiderweb, and also his photos and videos. The works of Julien Salaud draw inspiration from the phenomenon of metamorphose in the animal kingdom and its power over human imagination: from Ovidius to Kafka, from Lascaux drawings to Jan Fabre (and even myths of Amazonia), metamorphose is the basis of universe, in which every element is connected with others by many invisible threads.

Video from the opening:

Video: Vlad Kosyak

Opening: May 20, 20:00

Opening times: Tuesday-Sunday, 11:00-18:00, admission 150 roubles

Address: 21 Klinicheskaya St., Тhe Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art

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