Sound Around Kaliningrad 2016. Line-up


21.04 - 23.04.2016

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Included in: [Sound Around Kaliningrad 2016]

Arturas Bumšteinas (Lithuania)

Born in Vilnius in 1982. MA in composition in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (2001-2007). Works as composer, performer, sound and radio artist. Bumšteinas has composed various musical scores for different instrumental ensembles, released a dozen of albums of electroacoustic music on various international labels, directed various collaborative projects, curated live music events, is an organizer of the first-ever series of experimental music events in Lithuania based on the concept simultaneous participation. He has founded Quartet Twentytwentyone (which is devoted to performances of graphical notation scores) and international ensemble Works and Days (which performs improvised music). Bumšteinas appears in festivals and concerts of experimental music widely all over the Europe (and US) where he performs his own music via the electronic and acoustic sound medias. Since year 2000 Bumšteinas works in the exhibition format too. Since then he participated in dozens of exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, represented Lithuanian contemporary art together with other active artists from different generations. From the year 2007 Bumšteinas’ music is officially represented by Varsovian label BØŁT and his exhibition art is represented by the Berlin’s Antje Wachs Galerie (now defunkt). From year 2010 Bumšteinas has produced two radio art productions for Deutschlandradio Kultur, one of them won him Palma Ars Acustica award established by the European Broadcastig Union. Other broadcasting institutions that commissioned radio art from Bumšteinas are Polish Radio2, Australian Radionational, Czech Radio Vltava. He is member of Lithuanian Composer's Union and Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association. He lives and works in Vilnius.

Offcial site | Bandcamp

Gailė Griciūtė (Lithuania)

A pianist, composer and sound artist, based in Lithuania. Graduate of Sibelius Music Academy in Finland, at the moment finishing her composition studies at The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. Gailė Griciūtė has been a member of various sound projects, she has participated in number of improvised music festivals and events in Finland, Germany, Holand, Japan, Kingdom of Bhutan and Lithuania. As a pianist and composer she is elaborating the notion of indeterminacy in music using improvisation as a composition technique, questioning, layering and interweaving sounds, thoughts and perceptions.


Andy Guhl (Switzerland)

Andy Guhl started his career in 1972 in improvisational free jazz together with Norbert Möslang. In 1983 they started cracking daily electronics and developed it to the cracked everyday electronics. By manipulating these objects to produce sounds, they broke down the traditional barrier between daily items and musical instruments and their acoustic perception. In the 1990s, the duo expanded their reach into visual representation of acoustic phenomena with several installations, including the Sound Shifting installation they presented at the Venice Biennial 2001 upon invitation of Pro Helvetia - Swiss Art Council. Since 2002, Andy Guhl has branched out on his own with innovative installations using audio-visual feedback in analogue electronic systems, which he calls The Instrument, the expanded cracked everyday electronics. “For me physics is a musical building block,” says Andy Guhl, “to allow you to also see what you‘re hearing.” With over 30 released albums as well as performances and exhibitions in over 20 countries, Andy Guhl continues his prolific artistic production.

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Pascal Pellan (France)

As a self-educated artist, he practices sound writing, object theatre and performance. He realizes plastic installations that articulate all his researches.

As he is a multidisciplinary artist, he is a supporter of static walk and practices sound listening and intensive do it yourself since his childhood, the day he transformed a cricket maternity into an aquarium for fish. After practicing architectural photography and traditional Brazilian and Spanish music in France and abroad, he dedicates himself to live performance in public space, in co-creating collective Kézako’s. Then, gives up traditional practice of classical guitar and drums to start a sound research involving little invented violins, devious objects and from « field recordings».

In a related sound, time and memory approach, he invents a sound writing which offers different listening possibilities: concerts, sound and visual installations, sound pieces, that are played during exhibitions and festivals. He uses his frequent travels in Europe, Africa and Asia to observe and capture the material of his future projects. Currently, within the association Cocotte Mécanique, he develops a research involving sound and object theatre. He also leads artistic experiments as sound happenings using unfreezing or objects heating.

He is an active member of the artists collective Les Ateliers du Vent based in Rennes where he has his studio. In parallel of his personal productions, he participates as a sound artist or a comedian in several companies‘ projects. (Le collectif Les Becs Verseurs, La compagnie Le Chiendent, Les Ateliers du vent, Le collectif la Sophiste). He starts a collaborative work with Cie de théâtre d’objets La Bakélite and participate to the creation of on-going show Road movie.

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Andrea Pensado (Argentina)

Andrea Pensado works with sound as a performer and programmer. She has been using digital media and live interactive musical systems since 1995. She studied in Argentina and Poland. At first, she composed mainly for acoustic instruments. However, she felt gradually more attracted by different sound realms. Today, the abrasive digital noise of her improvisations is far away from her earlier pieces. Harsh dense layers of sounds, often interwoven with her voice, combine hybrid synthesis techniques to create a highly personal sound language, which reflects an intuitive, emotional and paradoxically also logical approach to music making. She currently lives in the US.

Official site | Soundcloud

iii initiative (Netherlands)


An artist-run platform based in The Hague which supports idiosyncratic research trajectories that zigzag between disciplines and distribution channels.

iii operates as a production house, artist residency and distribution agency, promoting radical interdisciplinary work crossing between the fields of music, visual arts, theatre and media design.

Inventing new instruments and out-of-the-box presentation formats that engage with the four dimensions of image, sound, space and the body, iii strives to offer unique experiences to all kinds of audiences.

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Matteo Marangoni (Netherlands)

Focusing on the potential of listening to establish new connections between people, places and objects, Matteo Marangoni’s performances and installations employ field recordings, sound archives, computer programming and DIY electronics. Finding unconventional uses for audio technologies and other media, his work probes the relationship between sound, space and the body, approaching the body of the listener through physical experiences that collapse and reshape the space between subject and object.

His work has been presented amongst others at Stroom Den Haag, TodayArt festival, Volkspaleis, Dag in de Branding (The Hague), STEIM, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, W139 (Amsterdam), Ethonologisches Museum (Berlin), November Music (Den Bosch), STUK (Leuven), NAISA (Toronto), CentroCentro (Madrid), European Media Art Festival (Osnabruck), Centrale Fies (Dro), Triennale di Milano (Milan), Fabbrica Europa (Florence), Q-02 (Brussels) and Goldsmith’s University (London). His installation “Quiet Before the Storm” received an honorary mention at the Sonic Arts Award 2014. He curates the nomadic performance program “No Patent Pending” and co-curated the Wonderwerp series at Studio Loos in the 2014/2015 season. He has curated the exhibitions “Taming Technology” (Le Murate, Florence, 2011) and “Eavesdropping” (VillaK, The Hague, 2011). He is a regular contributor to Neural magazine.

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Dieter Vandoren (Netherlands)

An artist, performer and developer. His work draws from diverse backgrounds in music, IT and experimental architecture and revolves around the creation and play of spatial, immersive audiovisual instruments with a strong focus on the embodied aspects of performance.

He holds a master degree in ArtScience (Royal Academy of Art The Hague) and a bachelor in Digital Communication (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht).

Dieter is a founding member of the iii collective. He is a guest tutor and researcher at the Hyperbody and ID-StudioLab groups at the Delft University of Technology (departments of architecture and industrial design, respectively). He is an associate in A/V rental and production company Squat Deluxe Rotterdam.

His works have been featured at Ars Electronica (AT), Club Transmediale (DE), NIME (UK), Electrochoc (FR), TodaysArt (NL), STEIM (NL), STRP (NL), Glow (NL), NIMk (NL) and more.
Dieter currently resides in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Performances by iii platform (Matteo Marangoni, Dieter Vandoren)


A realtime sculpture in spatial light and sound.

A live performance by Dieter Vandoren. His instrument projects light and sound structures in fog-filled space, immersing both him and the audience in it. He manipulates the ephemeral audiovisual shapes as if they were tangible materials, taking cues from the interaction between the human body and acoustical instruments. The abstract digital processes are thus projected into physical, experiential space and the emergent play becomes a strong embodied experience – for both performer and audience.

Echo Moiré

A robotic opera-ballet in which a pair of loudspeaker vehicles is employed to play a room as a musical instrument. Exploring the acoustic properties of the room, the vehicles create aural images that float in the air, enveloping listeners with patterns of echoes rebounding off the walls.

The work is inspired by Alvin Lucier’s 1968 composition Vespers and investigates human echolocation, aural spatial perception and the physics of sound. Using mobile directional loudspeakers emitting trains of pulses, the trajectories followed by sound waves from source to listener are made apparent. Gradually scanning the room’s boundaries, aural images of the space are formed. Modulating the pulses over time, these images are manipulated and sculpted, giving rise to different spatial forms, textures and densities in which the audience is immersed. Staging forms of interaction that alternate between the two poles of attraction and threat, the piece activates a referential mode of listening rooted in instincts of navigation and survival.


The electronic devices we use on everyday basis communicate between each other without us even being aware of it. Phone and computer apps can be sending data inadvertently across the globe at any time.

Taking their name from the scientific denomination of the family of the fireflies, the Lampyridae are artificial creatures which communicate exclusively within a local area by exchanging signals that are situated entirely within the range of human perception. The Lampyridae are small portable, handheld devices that communicate between each other by emitting and receiving light and sound signals. The Lampyridae are also parasites. Lacking the means for locomotion, they rely on humans to move around and find their mates.

The work is presented as an audio-visual performance during which the devices are handed out to the audience. Audience members act as carriers of the autonomous objects, facilitating the emergence of swarm-like behaviors as the devices communicate between each other in space.

3D design and fabrication assistance: Chi Ha Ucciso Il Conte / STEIM

Electronics design and fabrication assistance: Daan Johan

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