Sound Around Kaliningrad 2016


21.04 - 23.04.2016

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Curator: [Danil Akimov]

Baltic Branch of NCCA is pleased to announce 5th edition of Sound Around Kaliningrad, three-day sound art festival which will feature a concert of contemporary classical music (for the first time in Kaliningrad Cathedral), hi-tech audiovisual performances, a party dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Dadaism, and also lectures, workshops and artist talks.

Sound Around line-up features musicians from Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Argentina and Kaliningrad, including such artists as Andy Guhl, Andrea Pensado, iii initiative, Arturas Bumšteinas and many others.

The biggest festival of experimental music in Kaliningrad takes place every year since 2011 as a continuation of international projects Audio Tourism, Sound Art Camp and Acoustic Diagnostic, which were realized by Baltic Branch for National Centre of Contemporary Arts since 2005. During this time in the festival was visited by such musicians and sound artists as Carl Michael von Hausswolf, JG Thirlwell, Jana Winderen, Vladimir Tarasov, Mats Lindström, Jakob Kirkegaard, Dmitry VTOL Morozov, Dave Phillips, Vladimir Rannev and many others.



21.04. iii initiative (Netherlands), Andy Guhl (Switzerland), artist talks

Sound Around Kaliningrad 2016. iii initiative. Andy Guhl. Artist talks

21.04. Concert of contemporary classical music. Arturas Bumšteinas, Gailė Griciūtė (Lithuania)

Sound Around Kaliningrad 2016. Arturas Bumsteinas, Gaile Griciute 21.04.2016

 22.04. Pascal Pellan (France), artist talk

Sound Around Kaliningrad 2016. Pascal Pellan artist talk 22.04.2016

 22.04. Concert of experimental music & DADA party

Sound Around Kaliningrad 2016. Concert and DADA Party at Vorota 22.04.2016

23.04. Andy Guhl (Switzerland). Presentation of workshop results

Sound Around Kaliningrad 2016. Andy Guhl workshop 23.04.2016

23.04. Multimedia performances by iii initiative (Netherlands)

Sound Around Kaliningrad 2016. iii initiative preformances 23.04.2016

Photo: Artem Kilkin, Trofim Popov

Video: Vlad Kosyak

Organizers: Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Russia), Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization Art Mission (Russia)

Curator: Danil Akimov (Baltic Branch of NCCA)

Financial support of the project: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in the framework of program Swiss Made in Russia, Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in St.-Petersburg, Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fund, Creative Industries Netherlands Fund, French Institute in St.-Petersburg

Technical partner of NCCA in Moscow and branches: Panasonic Co.

Venues: Baltic Branch of NCCA (mansard of Kronprinz barracks), art platform Vorota, Kvartira club, Kaliningrad Cathedral

Participants: Arturas Bumšteinas, Gailė Griciūtė (Lithuania), Matteo Marangoni, Dieter Vandoren (Netherlands), Andy Guhl (Switzerland), Andrea Pensado (Argentina), Pascal Pellan (France)

PR & Communication: Andrey Efits, +7 (921) 263-56-00, +7 (4012) 60-43-29,


April 21 (Thursday)

14:00 iii initiative, Matteo Marangoni, Dieter Vandoren (Netherlands), artists’ talk

15:00 Andy Guhl (Switzerland), artist talk

Kvartira club, 13 Sgt. Koloskov St.

Free admission

19:00 Concert of contemporary classical music. Arturas Bumšteinas, Gailė Griciūtė (Lithuania)

Kaliningrad Cathedral, 1 Immanuel Kant St.

Admission 300 roubles.

April 22 (Friday)

14:00 Pascal Pellan (France), artist talk

Kvartira club, 13 Sgt. Koloskov St.

Free admission

20:00 Concert of experimental music. Andy Guhl (Switzerland), Pascal Pellan (France), Andrea Pensado (Argentina)

23:00 DADA party

Vorota art platform, 61 Litovsky val St.

Admission 500 roubles Buy ticket

April 23 (Saturday)

16:00 Andy Guhl (Switzerland). Presentation of workshop results

Mansard of Kronprinz barracks, 38 Litovsky val St., entrance №6, 4th floor

Free admission

18:00-19:00 | 20:00-21:00 Multimedia performances by iii initiative (Netherlands)

Mansard of Kronprinz barracks, 38 Litovsky val St., entrance №6, 4th floor

Admission 500 roubles Buy ticket: 18:00 | 20:00

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