Katharina Swoboda (Austria)

Artist talk

13.10.2015, 19:00 Tuesday

Image: Katharina Swoboda, Zoographics, 2014, still from the video

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Free admission


Included in: [Lecture project “Art Wednesdays”]

Place: Attic of Kronprinz barracks, Kaliningrad, 38 Litovsky val, entrance No.6, 4th floor

An artist talk of Austrian artist Katharina Swoboda, organized by Baltic Branch of NCCA with support of Nida Art Colony and Kaliningrad Zoo. Swoboda, who mainly works with video, recently visited several zoos in Europe (including Copenhague, Zurich, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dresden, Ljubljana, London and Vienna) and also in India is now staying for a short residence in Kaliningrad Zoo. During her talk, Swoboda will tell about her ongoing project dedicated to zoos and the relationship between their architecture and animals.

Катарина Свобода (Австрия). Встреча с художницей 13.10.2015

Organizer: Baltic Branch of NCCA with support of Nida Art Colony and Kaliningrad Zoo

Curator: Yulia Bardoun

Location: BB NCCA exhibition hall, attic of "Kronprinz" Barracks, 38 Litovskij val, Kaliningrad, entrance No.6, 4th floor

Links: Katharina Swoboda

Contacts: Andrey Efits, +7 (921) 263-56-00, +7 (4012) 604-329, andreyefits@gmail.com

Katharina Swoboda (born 1984 in Graz, Austria). Katharina's videos have been shown in several venues internationally, including Vienna, Houston, Panamá, London, Budapest and Hamburg. She holds a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and is currently working on her transdisciplinary doctorate project at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. She has received an ASA Visual Arts fellowship from the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg and participated in the KAMOV City of Rijeka residency in Croatia and Nida Art Colony in Lithuania. She received several scholarships, including from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts and Culture and a research grant from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research in 2013.

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