Alexey Chebykin, "City-gallery"

Public art project

01.06 - 31.08.2015

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Included in: [Close Stranger]

Curator: [Irina Tchesnokova]

The main function of the project is a game. Every person equipped with a map showing a marked route through the centre of Kaliningrad is able to wander around the city in search of contemporary art shown on advertising media. For the first time, the streets of the city are going to turn into a gallery.

This strategy allows everyone to find themselves in a different artistic space, through the indirect agency of billboards, which in turn act as “markers” and carriers of works of art.

Additional, subversive content is added to advertising photographs using the augmented reality technology. In order to see the artistic content on the advertising media via a special QR code, viewers have to install a free “City-Gallery” app, activate it and direct the mobile device towards the advertising photo on a billboard.

Thus the artist addresses billboards creating a specific visual style of the surrounding area in every city. Commercialised advertising in Kaliningrad is oppressive and omnipresent, forcing the inhabitants to function in a public space tainted by its excess.


"City-gallery" app: how it works

How to use an app

On this postcard you can find a map of billboards in the centre of Kaliningrad. In order to see the art works you should:

  1. Install on your device free app Junaio* by scanning QR code on the upper scheme or via
  2. Launch Junaio app, press “Scan” and scan QR code on the upper scheme
  3. A channel “Public art in Kaliningrad” will load automatically
  4. Point a camera of your device at billboard and instead of an ad you will see an artwork by Kaliningrad artist!

 * Internet connection is needed

Organizer: Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts

Date of launch: 1 June 2015

Links: "Close Stranger” website | Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts

Contacts: Andrey Efits, +7 (921) 263-56-00, +7 (4012) 604-329,


Alexey Chebykin

Artist and architect. Born in Lysva (Perm Kray) in 1961. He works in different areas of contemporary art: AR-technologies, 3D-modelling and sculpture, interactive installations focusing specifically on the interrelation of art and new technologies. Participated in Russian and international projects and exhibitions, including the International Festival of Architecture and Interior, Moscow, 2002, 2003; Contemporary Art Festival “ARTKlyazma” (Moscow, 2004); “Impossible in 3D” competition (first prize, 2005); international project “Artist and Arms” (Nizhny Tagil, Moscow, Gdansk, 2002-2005); Trans-Russian Art Project “9000km” (Novossibirsk, Kemerovo, Kurgan, Bishkek, 2006); international art project “Telling the Baltic” (Kaliningrad, Gdańsk, Rostock 2013); exhibition “Made in Kaliningrad” (Klaipeda, 2013), etc.


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