Lost in Transformation


19.12.2014 - 01.02.2015

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Russian media art can be considered a unique phenomenon, marked by a disregard for visual standards and the focus on the artistic statements from, or the behavior by the artists. Artists that create new environments to give their visual status and their messages a proper place. The title “Lost in Transformation” describes the origin of this quest, while at the same time illustrating the end results.

In his 'Balaklava Drive', Sergey Bratkov made a documentary about how children of the suburbs spend their time. A key feature in this narrative is a song that is well liked with people of a certain age. By his focus on objects that illustrate the correlation between the characters he creates an apocalyptic atmosphere. A vibe we can also feel in Vladimir Logutov’s 'Pause'. A seemingly failed image is in fact an extended illustration of media that continuously keep on insisting on their own elitism. In his work “Metropolis” artist Vladimir Seleznev distorts a map of a city to a figurative illusion. This illusion is a glitch, noise in a medium where lostless is the only form of salvation.

Organizer: Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad, Russia)
Coorganizer: Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
Curators: Karina Karaeva (NCCA, Moscow), Evgeny Umansky (BB NCCA, Kaliningrad)
Coordinator: Ignas Kazakevicius (KCCC, Klaipeda)
Opening of the exhibition: December 19, 2014, 18:00
Opening hours: December 19, 2014 – January 18, 2015 (extended to February 1, 2015), 11:00-19:00, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Participants: «Where The Dogs Run» group, «Blue Soup» group, Vladimir Seleznev, Vladimir Logutov, «Zer Gut» group, «PROVMYZA» group, Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Sergey Bratkov, Dmitry Bulnygin, Piotr Zhukov, Yuri Vassiliev, Viktor Alimpiev
Location: exhibition hall of Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre, 2 Didžioji Vandens St.
Recommended age category: 16+
Contacts: Evgeny Umansky (BB NCCA), evgeny.umansky@gmail.com, +7 (906) 234-40-684; Andrey Efits (BB NCCA), andreyefits@gmail.com, +7 (921) 263-56-00, +7 (4012) 604-332; Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre, +370 46 310 357, info@kkkc.lt

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