Information on "Water Memory" project by Piotr Wyrzykowski


21.03.2014, Friday

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Included in: [Digital Art Now? | Hydro Active City]

Water memory by Piotr Wyrzykowski

Water Memory project realization during Hydro Active City exhibition in 2013

"Water memory" is an interactive art project that uses a specially designed app for tablets, through which the viewer is transferred into a virtual world - "augmented reality". The inspiration for this art piece was a pseudoscientific hypothesis stating that water has an ability to collect and store information. "Water memory" offers viewers a sentimental journey into the history, which will be rediscovered, when wandering streets of Osiek. By using the programmed application, the real image captured by the tablet camera layers with an imaginary underwater world, full of memorabilia and signs of the past. Water becomes a perceptual filter through which the viewer is visually and audibly "immersed" in a non-linear narrative created by the artist.

Application for Android: Toucan Systems

Audio: Krzysztof Topolski - Arszyn

Narrative path: Mieczyslaw Abramowicz

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