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Video presentation

21.03.2014, 19:00 Friday

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Place: Art platform УVorotaФ (Sackheim Gate)


Presentation based on films, video, animation, video documentation from Festival IN OUT

In 1990s the digital revolution started. In over 20 years we witnessed what effects the digital technology had on many aspects of our lives and the whole world.
The question of modernity of digital art in the title is not unjustified. Changing technologies and understanding of the world provoke the artists to constantly seek the most current topics expressed by latest technologies.
During the presentation we will try to answer a few important questions concerning the digital art by comparing the questions asked in the past and present. Who creates digital art? Who supports the production of digital art? What are the most recent themes in digital art? Who is interested in digital art? And finally, who is interested in buying it?
But probably in one year time we should rethink these questions again because the techonology itself and the thought behind digital art are changing so rapidly. The other question is "Do we really need to understand digital age to better understand ourselves and the world?
Programme of the screeing includes wide range of works from animation, video documentation, video and film which were presented during the 5th and 6th edition of the Festival IN OUT in 2011 and 2012 in Laznia CCA in Gdańsk.
The Festival IN OUT, ongoing since 2005, is a competition for works of video, animation, experimental film, documentary, and feature film etudes. Festival and competition is organied by Centre for Contemporary Art Łaznia in Gdańsk and from 8th edition in cooperation with National Audiovisual Institute. Each edition focuses on different artistic and social problems. The event aims to create a platform for discussion between artists, and to examine the current state of the art of cinema, as well as to encourage reflection on the world and its problems.

Hydro Active City

Presentation of exhibition and of “Water memory” project by Piotr Wyrzykowski

“Hydro Active City” was an innovative exhibition in public space, using the latest tools and mobile technologies (tablets, smartphones, wi-fi), which was held on 31st May – 2nd June, 2013 in Gdansk.
The organiser of the contest and exhibition, in the frame of Art Line project, was the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk.From among the 50 submissions, the international jury has chosen four projects: 3 from Poland and 1 from Lithuania.

The common denominator which inspired all the works was the element of water which inspired artists in various ways. The “active” element was also important so that the installations were more than just things to be seen and each of our viewers was able to also actively participate in the exhibition. The use of new media was also important to us hence our table and smartphone applications and sound installations.
The exhibition was accompanied by the Festival of Digital Forms. It was a three-day campaign encompassing artistic installations, audiovisual shows as well as educational campaigns. We invited artists from the Tri-City to take part in the Festival and asked them to also create water-inspired works.

Art Line is an international art- and culture project in collaboration between 14 partners from 5 different countries in the South Baltic region; Sweden, Poland, Germany, Russia and Lithuania.

The project is part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund), South Baltic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-13.

Opening: 21st March, 2014, 7.00 pm

Location: art platform “Vorota”, Kaliningrad, 61 Litovsky Val

Organizers: The Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad, Russia), The Centre for Contemporary Arts «Laznia» (Gdańsk, Poland), The Baltic Sea Culture Centre (Gdańsk, Poland), art platform “Vorota” (Kaliningrad, Russia)

Curator: Jolanta Woszczenko (CCA «Laznia», Gdansk)

Coordinator: Danil Akimov (BB NCCA, Kaliningrad)

Participants: Jolanta Woszczenko, Piotr Wyrzykowski

Featured artists: Henry Gwiazda, Jeff Brown, Lee Hyung-Suk, Katalin Tesch, Roch Forowicz, Magdalena Lazar, Robin Lipo, Piotr Wyrzykowski

Contacts: Andrey Efits, +7 (921) 263-56-00,

Recommended age category: 12+

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