20.06 - 21.06.2014, 21:00-00:00

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In the framework of “Cultural Night in Vilnius»

20th June, 2014
21:00 - 00:00


In the framework of “Cultural Night” event which will be held on June 20-21st in Vilnius Baltic Branch of National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad) and Centre for Contemporary Arts in Vilnius will present audiovisual installation “Sound Salute”.
This event will feature concerts of sound and media artists from Kaliningrad and Lithuania, and collective improvised performances accompanied by live visuals.
“Sound Salute” project is conceived as a platform for professional exchange between artists from Kaliningrad and Lithuania and will enhance long-time professional cooperation with partners in the Baltic region.
Sound meeting «Sound Salute» is a continuation of such international projects as “Audio tourism”, “Sound Art Camp”, “Acoustic Diagnostics” and a forum “Sound around Kaliningrad” that have been headed by the Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts since 2005 and which feature contemporary strategies in sound art and experimental electronic music.

Location: Center for Contemporary Art / Šiuolaikinio meno centras, Vilnius, Vokieciu 2

Organisers: Baltic branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad / Russia), Center for Contemporary Art (Vilnius / Lithuania)

Curator: Danil Akimov (BB NCCA, Kaliningrad)

Participants: Konstantin Trashenkov, Andrey Kolomytzev, Danil Akimov (Kaliningrad, Russia), Antanas Dombrovskij, Armantas Geciauskas, Ramunas Jaras (Vilnius, Lithuania), Yiorgis Sakellariou (GR/LT) Jonas Vandenbossche (BE)

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Kaliningrad region


Information about artists

Konstantin Traschenkov

Born in 1986 in Kaliningrad. Lives and works in Svetlogorsk. Konstantin is an artist, musician-percussionist, founder and member of a music group “Est nastroyenie”, “Temnoyamsk” project and a group of artistic initiatives L.E.S.
His sound landscape spans a wide range of styles from ethnic traditions to imitating mechanic equipment. Since 2003 he has been experimenting in collaborations with different musicians and participating actively in improvised concerts.
Blogspot | Youtube | Tumblr

Andrey Kolomytzev

Born in 1959. A composer / sound artist in the field of experimental electronic music and multimedia. Developes mixed media approach combining digital technologies, musique concréte, self made electronic instruments and legacy analog synthesizers.
Started solo activities in 1986, as a keyboard player and multimedia specialist. Since 1991, worked for several TV and production companies as a resident 3D/multimedia artist and score composer for documentaries. Musical albums had been released inFrance,USA,Russia. In the 90s, switched to sound experiments and sound design. Worked with many different musicians and groups: from Soviet reggae/punk “Komitet Okhrany Tepla" to German free jazz outfit “Saechsische Improvisation Ensemble”. By the year 2000, had founded SEMICONDUCTORS community, a home for experimental electronic musicians inWestern Russia. Concentrated on collaborative acts combining live electronics with video. In 2010, returned to studio work continuing a lifetime project called Living Loops.


Danil Akimov

Born in 1976 in Kaliningrad. Sound artist, curator, DJ. Works in interdisciplinary fields of contemporary art, focusing on audio-visual installations and performances. One of the founders of the Membrana/Membranoids sound-art group since 1997.
Uses a variety of technologies and methods of interaction for the creation of sound structures. ( broken hi-fi equipments, soviet analog synths, soft programs, fields recordings, unidentified sound devices).
Since 2000 is a permanent member of the Kaliningrad semiСonductors community, and also periodically appears in the following musical projects - Kratong, Pocket band, Polyvox orqestra, Mud-o-tronic.
Since 2004 – curator of BB NCCA curator realized a number of series of international projects (SoundArtLab, Acoustic Diagnostic, Kaliningrad SoundArtCamp, Kaliningrad Sound Around fest e.t.c.) focusing on sound art and experimental music
At the present moment, for his freetronic improvisations mostly use DIY (Do It Yourself!) electro-musical devices.
Soundcloud | Myspace | Membranoids

Antanas Dombrovskij (aka Gana2)

In the scene of sound art and experimental music Antanas Dombrovskij is known for his numerous activities in different roles, various musical approaches, frequent and continuous collaborations. Because of extensive, masterly use of various digital and analogue equipment – from a sole and only laptop to a bunch of broken synthesizers, which have already become his stylistic trademark – Antanas’ performances bear an expressive lively character. In different musical contexts his sonic styles vary from ambient to drone, from abstract collages of glitchy electronica to savage electroacoustic impro patterns or something one could call noise – usually elements of these genres merge together in his compositions, shaping unique sonic textures. This is why his solo project Gana2 is always intriguing and never predictable.
Antanas has been continuously collaborating with a few musical collectives and personalities. He is one of the members of laptop quartet Twentytwentyone, which is famous for experimenting with notable graphic scores or improvising along visual patterns of experimental cinema. Antanas is the main man behind the mixer of the band Betoniniai triušiai (Concrete Bunnies), which presents itself as a band of audiopoetic tinnitus and combines abstract electronica with spoken words. Together with Vilius Šiaulys he forms duo Tiesė (The Straight), which is dedicated to massive drone sounds and noisy ambiences. His performative works with Benas Šarka, Skaidra Jančaitė involve vocal elements, dance and expressive staged spectacle.
Antanas Dombrovskij is known for his several collaborations with dance theatre companies. Time to time he presents his audio works in exhibitions and other projects of contemporary visual and media art.

Armantas Geciauskas

The artist and curator from Vilnius, Lithuania. Armantas Geciauskas started in 2007, made over 80 shows in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Poland,Finland, Czech republic and Baltic states and released music on cassettes. Lo-fi aesthetics, sound adventures, drone mystique, outsider noise, hermitic moods and a ritualaction of Nature unknown – these are the key words that lead to his unique world that is shown on stage and in the music.

Official site | Soundcloud

Yiorgis Sakellariou (aka Mecha/Orga)

A sound artist and composer working in the fields of electroacoustic music and phonography. In 2003 he launched the project “Mecha/Orga”, a vehicle for sonic exploration and research. Since then he has been active internationally being responsible for solo albums, having composed music for short films and theatrical performances, leading workshops and ceaselessly performing his music around the globe. His practice is founded on the digital manipulation of environmental recordings. His palette of sounds is all encompassing; from vibrating rail-tracks to refrigerators' static, and from noisy waterfalls to the humming of insects. He only performs in absolute darkness, fostering an all-inclusive and profoundly submerging sonic experience. Yiorgis Sakellariou is a member of the Athenian Contemporary Music Research Centre (founded by I. Xenakis) and the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association. Since 2004 he has curated the label Echomusic. He had been recently living and working Klaipeda, Lithuania, for several years.

Ramunas Jaras

A Lithuanian performer, who is active in different arts, which are often considered as folk or tradtional, but in Ramūnas' interpretation they become something of a different nature. He produces various types of art and music, which are often tragically funny or intentionally bad. In any case, many people hate Jaras Ramūnas because he's not as good as them. Come to his "concert" or check out his site to make it sure.

Official site

Jonas Van den Bossche

Born in 1978. A guitarist currently based in Ghent, Belgium and Tallinn, Estonia. He tends towards minimalism (in life and music) and tries to use as few pedals as possible. He has been exploring noise, free jazz, and improvised music for well over a decade.


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