19.04 - 12.05.2013

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On the 19th of April starts an exhibition-performance “Civilization XX” dedicated to results of an archaeological expedition. In 2008 the Moscow Academy of Archaeology and Institute of Archaeology of Bern conducted a research of a Bronze Age camping site on Khakassia territory. Excavations near Malye Arbaty led to sensational results – archeologists discovered remnants of a settlement which didn’t belong to any of previously known cultures. Even using modern dating technologies, scientists were able to tell only approximate time of its existence, sometime between the 4th and the 3rd millennium B.C. After thorough study of the found artifacts and constructions, researches came to the conclusion that the most prominent distinctive feature of this civilization was the dominating role of women.

The civilization was conventionally named “XX” – after XX chromosome or by analogy with algebraic indeterminate form. Inherently, it was a well-organized, totalitarian matriarchate, in which a role of a man came down to insemination and sexual slavery. The civilization’s beliefs were based on a concept of a primal matrix which gave an impulse to formation of the world and all the living things in it. Dominating and venerated goddess Dam (original name – Matka) granted every female divine power and supremacy. At first glance, the “XX” civilization had a lot in common with the Amazons from Turkish Anatolia, however, it is neigh impossible to find any reliable connection between them due to discrepancies in chronology and the fact that they are distant from each other geographically.

The “Civilization XX” exhibition is a joint initiative of the NCCA Volga region branch and the Moscow Academy of Archaeology. Its purpose is expanding traditional approaches to museum exhibit of artifacts from human history. A French theatre director Judith Depaule was invited to work on the exhibition’s concept. After careful study of the expedition’s materials, acquaintance with scientists’ theories and personal selection of artifacts, Judith staged a performance based on the archeological exhibition. In this performance she attempts to combine logic of scientific knowledge and techniques of contemporary documentary theatre; at the same time it is an attempt to breathe a new life into such a boring and familiar to all visitors of Russian museums genre as an “excursion”.

Judith Depaule
– a French play writer, director. Master of Arts (thesis in Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 on theatres in Stalin’s camps). Laureate of Villa Medicis Hors les murs award. In her work combines traditional theatre, digital technologies and forms of documentary theatre. In 2001 founded MABEL OCTOBRE group.
In 2011 Judith Depaule staged the “There is No Zero Risk” play at the Arsenal.

Exhibition-performance “Civilization XX” will be shown at the Arsenal from April 19 till May 12, daily, except Mondays and the 9th of May national holiday. During weekdays the performance starts at 19.00, on weekends – at 15.00 and 18.00. Tickets are on sale from March 29.

TICKETS: 200 rubles, discount - 150 rubles.
ADDRESS: Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, building 6.
CONTACTS: general inquiries (831) 423 57 41, press (831) 422 57 77

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