30.03 - 19.05.2013, 00:00-20:00

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Program: [Exhibitions]

30 March - 19 May 2013

At some point our present and future will become someone’s past, it will be placed in museums; these exhibits will be studied as evidence of something which is yet to happen, which we are unaware of at this moment.
Young artists of the Bestiary art group attempted to create such a museum from the future, having built there exposition around themes of power and game. “New archeologist” takes up roles of an artist and an architect, collecting artifacts and constructing new meanings of objects.

The Bestiary project is dedicated to insights into the future through images of the past. History and present of our country – from Lenin’s portrait to children’s games, - are represented at the exhibition in medieval aesthetics.
Appearance of the expositions reminds of a throne room where incredible creatures reign and where epoch-making events seem to have happened only a short time ago.

Installation and objects made of diverse materials (metal, wood, cloth, carpets and even a mammoth’s bone borrowed from the Darwin’s Museum for the time being) are closely interconnected with each other, creating one artistic space. Every exhibition’s visitor is offered to read this space in their own way, assemble their own history from separate pages.

This exhibition is one of the main “hits” of the 3rd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (summer 2012, Moscow).

The Bestiary Group: Ekaterina Valetova, Anastasia Dorozhkina, Ivan Kovalevsky, Andrey Stroganov, Valeriy Pereverzev, Natalia Razbrodina, Denis Chizhov.

ADDRESS: Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, building 6
CONTACTS: 8(831) 423-57-41

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