Waldemar Mattis-Teutsch. The Art of Light


08.02 - 03.03.2013, 00:00-20:00

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Program: [Exhibitions]

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Volga region branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts
Embassy of Hungary
Hungarian Cultural, Scientific and Information Centre in Moscow
Gedeon Richter Company

under patronage of
the Honorary Consul of Hungary in Nizhny Novgorod Elada Nagornaya

present the exhibition
in the frames of the Hungarian days in Nizhny Novgorod

8 February - 3 March


The exhibition presents 15 holographic works of the Hungarian artist Mattis-Teutsch. Mattis Teutsch works with intangible material barely perceptible for a human mind; he creates light sculptures using photons and light quants. Light (or electromagnetic waves to be precise) becomes the main graphic tool for Mattis-Teutsch: he plays with it, tames it and presents three-dimensional contours of real things to a viewer. Using holography, the artist transforms light fantasies available only for our senses into fully-featured light space; he captures flitting images in static sculptural form which cannot be touched but can be viewed from all angles.

Waldemar Mattis-Teutsch (born 1950) is a renowned Hungarian artist, born in Transylvania. Worked as an artist until 1995 when he changed a brush for a laser beam to create holograms. Attended private courses on holography, in 1996 opened private holography laboratory. In 1999 created first digital hologram. Belongs to the Mattis-Teutsch artistic family, widely known in artistic circles of Germany, Hungary and Romania. His personal exhibitions were displayed in New York (1990-91), Budapest (2000), Badenweiler (2001), Győr (2001), Bucharest, Moscow (2012).

FREE ADMISSION. Tuesday-Sunday 12.00 – 20.00
ADDRESS: Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Kremlin, building 6
CONTACTS: phone 8(831) 423-57-41 www.ncca.ru/nnovgorod

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