30.08 - 23.10.2011, 00:00-20:00

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Program: [Exhibitions]

Volga region Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts
State Polytechnic Museum
Volga Cultural Capital Fund

supported by Polytechnic Museum Development Foundation,
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation,
'New Art’ Foundation,
Dynasty Foundation,
Nizhny Novgorod Radio Laboratory museum,
Ural region Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts



The project is dedicated to analyzing the role of visual technical media prototypes (camera obscura and magic lantern, zoetrope and stereopair, photo camera and slide projector, animation and mechanical television) in shaping the contemporary visuality; for that purpose museum exhibits from Polytechnic Museum and media works of contemporary artists are combined in one exposition. Brought into being as attractions, in time media significantly expanded possibilities of human perception, having created new communication spaces and new languages.

Comparison of museum rarities and media-themed pieces of contemporary art let a viewer to perceive the essence of contemporary visual communication, as well as what place in it belongs to principles and methods which were used in construction of the first devices for images fixation, storage and reproduction.
Moreover, reference to photo and cinema attractions in the works of contemporary artists is not a coincidence. And the matter is not merely in still persistent attraction purpose of the media. It is also the fact that today’s authors try to follow the Charles Jencks' concept of “double coding”, according to which post-modern art should appeal to the elite and an ordinary person in equal measure.

And it is exactly this aim to amuse and entertain which brings together contemporary artworks and hundred-years-old fair and pavilion attractions. Of course the artists reckon that such visual expression does not impair the depth of their works, many of which possess a lot of cultural references.

At the same time the artists believe that they can get more attention from a contemporary museum visitor by introducing elements of a technological miracle and gambling, a circus trick and an intellectual journey since this visitor is not merely a viewer of Debord’s “society of the spectacle”, but also a frequenter of the grand “mass consumption” fair.

For creation of their works each of the artists will make a choice among themes which are directly connected with certain objects from the museum collection: stereo effect, “live images”, transmission of moving images at distance, the camera obsura effect…

In exposition space the artists’ installations will be placed alongside museum devices. Combined into media pairs, they will create unified emotional-rational space which will arouse interest of the public both to contents of artistic messages and to the aura of genuine rarities from the history of technology.

Artists: Vladislav Efimov, Where Dogs Run art group, Igor Makarevich, Valery Korchagin, Nikolay Selivanov, Evgeniy Strelkov, Andrey Suzdalev, Leonid Tishkov

Curators: Evgeniy Strelkov (Nizhny Novgorod), Andrey Suzdalev (Moscow)

The opening of the exhibition will take place on the 30th of August 2011 at 19.00

ADDRESS: Nizhny Novgorod, Kremlin, building 6
OPENING HOURS: until the 23d of October 2011, daily from 12.00 till 20.00, except Mondays
CONTACTS: phone +7 (831) 4227555,, Mironytcheva Anastasia
Admission fee: 100 rubles.

The exhibition is a part of the parallel program of the 4d Moscow Biennale of contemporary art which expands its geographic boundaries beyond Moscow

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