Russia for All


25.08 - 10.09.2011, 00:00-20:00

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Program: [Exhibitions]

The Volga region branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts invites media representatives to take part in the press conference dedicated to the “Russia for All” exhibition, which will take place on the 25th of August 2011 at 14.00. Participants of the press conference: the project’s authors Dmitry Gutov and Victor Bondarenko, director of the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art - Marat Guelman. and director of the Volga region branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts - Anna Gor.

Victor Bondarenko and the artist Dmitry Gutov offer a unique perspective on the “national question” through perception of the Russian history and civilization, reduced to eighty personalities shaping and impacting the Russian history in different epochs. The “Russia for All” project is a response to those who share “Russia for Russians!” slogan nowadays.

“Andrey Bogolubskiy - a maternal Polovtsian”, “Pushkin’s grandfather - a blackamoor”, “Alexander Nevsky - a grandson of an Ossetian”, “Pyotr Tchaikovsky - a grandson of a French”, “Konstantin Tsiolkovsky - a paternal Polish and maternal Tatar”, “Viktor Tsoi – a paternal Korean”, “Isaak Dunayevsky – a Jew” – these are paintings-texts, names and statement of facts regarding ethnic background, facts concise and indisputable. However, in the contest of contemporary Russia mere statement of facts has paradoxical effect: mentioning of origins is read as an accusing label. And it is no wordplay – all the words used in the project are simple in their meanings; they address the consciousness of a Russian average man who is not able to perceive words like “jew”, “pole”, “chukchi” or “georgian” in a neutral way.

“Russia for All” is a project with strong social focus, addressing timeless questions and value systems. The project is dedicated to the present day, the Russian society here and now; its sharpness is brought forth not only by topicality of the national question in a multinational country (this subject is far from being new), but also by acuteness and power of the visual and text sequence related to the combined in this instance practices of street graffiti and conceptual art.

Dmitry Gutov is one of the most successful and renowned Russian artists. Art critic and theoretic. Participant of prestigious international art events such as MANIFESTA in Rotterdam (1996), Biennale in Sao Paulo (2002), Venice Biennale (2005), DOCUMENTA in Kassel (2007) and exhibitions in the largest museums of the world.

Victor Bondarenko – collector, patron of arts, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, member of the Tretyakov Gallery Board of Trustees.

The opening of the “Russia for All” exhibition will take place on the 25th of August 2011 at 19.00 in the Arsenal building (Kremlin, building 6).
Phone: (831) 423 57 41 (information), (831) 422 7 555 (press contacts).

Admission to the “Russia for All” exhibition is free

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