"Call for score". The Cantando Quartet (Nizhny Novgorod)


04.07.2017, 19:00 Tuesday

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The Cantando participants announced a contest for scores (call for score) among Russian and foreign composers. In the Arsenal Concert Hall they present a program based on the results of the selection, which will feature works by composers from Russia, the USA, Argentina, Cuba, Italy and China. World premiere.

On the programme:

• Alexey Larin, "Intervals" for string Quartet;

• Giulio Colangelo, “Organismo Aperto No. 1” for string Quartet and electronics;

• Jing Jing Luo, "Die Verfolgung" for string Quartet;

• Jose Manuel Serrano, "Le regret d Heraclite" for viola and cello;

• Kai-Young Chan, "Ignis Fatuus" for string Quartet;

• Louis Aguirre, "TOQUE A OCHOSI" for solo violin;

• Matt Frey, “# PUSH!!!” for string trio;

• Oleg Paiberdin, “Post-scriptum” for string Quartet;

• Santiago Diez Fischer, "Far-off" for string trio;

• Yuri Brener, "Four Homages" for string Quartet.



Tickets: 100 rub., discount tickets - 70 rub.


Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Arsenal, Kremlin, building 6, left wing.

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