06.10 - 10.11.2014

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Program: [Regions]

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
National Center for Contemporary Arts, Volga region branch
Samara Regional Public Charity Fund «Contemporary Art Center»
Embassy of Sweden in Moscow

Supported by:
«Victoria» Art Gallery
Bristol Zhiguli Hotel

within the framework of the program
“Street as museum – museum as street”
on October, 6 – November, 10, 2014
Present the exhibition at public transport stops of Samara

Curator: Martin Schibli
Artists: Conny Blom, Juan Castillo, Aski Dahl, Alba S Enström, Swetlana Heger, Calle Holck, Jenny Kalliokulju,Johanna Karlin, group Learning Site (Rikke Luther and Cecilia Wendt in collaboration with Jaime Stapleton), LG Lundberg, Annika Ström, Lisa Strömbeck, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, group Sunshine Socialist Cinema.

Since 2010 Samara department of Privolzhsky Branch of NCCA has been actively cooperating with contemporary artists of Sweden. Samara citizens are acquainted with works of Swedish artists who took part in the projects of Shiryaevo biennale of 2011/2013 and the special project “Burlaks: between Europe and Asia” of 2014. Special emphasis is to be put on Swedish artists' participation in “Street as museum – museum as street” program. The project was displayed at public transport stops of Samara, Saransk, Kazan, Kirov as well as in Kalmar Museum of Modern Art in Sweden. During the time of cooperation about 30 new artworks were created in Samara and Shiryaevo. The leading role in developing this creative dialogue was taken by a well-known Swedish curator Martin Schibli. In Samara Martin successfully realized “A collision of discourses” and “Did yesterday's nomads become tourists these days?” exhibitions, actively recruiting both local and foreign artists.

Martin Schibli's lecture on the participants and artworks of his new exhibition “Everyone doesn't eat meatballs in Sweden” takes place on October, 9, 2014 at 17:00 at the “Victoria” Art Gallery. Counsellor on Culture of Embassy of Sweden in Moscow Mr. Mårten Frankby will take part in the event. The project is arranged to coincide with the Days of Sweden in Samara region.

Swedish artists listed above all represent contemporary Swedish Art today. One basic idea behind the selection is to present the diversity of contemporary Swedish Art today. The selected artists come from different generations and backgrounds, and several of them are working in an international context like nomads in a globalized world, or share their time between Sweden and other countries, like Germany or Chile. The diversity of the Swedish artists is also meant to question the idea of stereotypes on how Swedish art can look like, in practise, most Swedish artists who are successful today on international level, use their differences in cultural backgrounds as a tool to combine with other experiences.

One thing is shared among the selected artists. What is highly discussed today is the role of culture in the public realm. Therefore, a lot of Swedish artists are very interested in presenting their art in the public space, in order to address questions related to the development of society. However, like most artists, they often take a poetic standpoint, or the artworks can be seen as an open question, with no direct answers.

According to the statistics there are more than 5000 viewers for every poster daily in Samara. Thus it is important to accentuate a significant communication direction of the whole project, which contributes to forming of a new conception of open mutual relations between an individual and today's cultural initiatives.

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