Nizhne Nizhnego (Lower than Nizhny)


01.02 - 31.10.2014

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Program: [Regions]

Nizhne Nizhnego
(Lower than Nizhny)

Project-winner of the Changing Museum in the Changing World contest of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

February – October 2014

Traveling exhibition in cities of the Volga region:
Kazan, Kirov, Izhevsk, Cheboksary, Saratov, Engels, Samara.

It was a river voyage in the first place, then it inspired the book Nizhe Nizhnego (lower than Nizhny) based on impressions from the voyage. Authors Eduard Abubakirov, Yevgeniy Strelkov and Vadim Philippov wrote in pseudo regional studies genre: real facts about cities of Volga region which they visited during voyage and their citizens are found side by side with falsification and mystification; that is done for the purpose of carrying popular historic myths and everyday clichés to the point of absurdity.

An exhibition named after the book was created in the same spirit, most of its subjects are borrowed from the book and visualized in different genres – from graphics to video films and animation. The purpose of this museum mystification is to attract attention to history of the cities and destroy stereotypes of their representations in minds of local citizens by efforts of the artists.

Artists from different cities were invited to work on the project: Saratov (Aleksey Trubetskov), Izhevsk (Ustinov City group), Kazan (Ilgizar Khasanov), Engels (Alexander Kapernaumov), Yekaterinburg (Where Dogs Run group). Skeleton of the exhibition – works of several authors from Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod (Yevgeniy Strelkov, Dmitry Stepanov, Andrey Suzdalev, Olga Khan, Nikolay Selivanov, Valery Korchagin, Sergey Prokofiev, Andrey Mitenev, Natalia Kulikova, Yevgeniy Grinevich, Mikhail Volokhov), which enthusiastically took up an opportunity to visually interpret the book’s text.

Exposition, rich with graphics and media, imitates a local history museum with exhibits, on one hand familiar, on the other completely unexpected. Model of a “museum in vitro” where fiction is intertwined with real facts, offers the audience an opportunity to have a critical look at the history, museum approach to it, attempt to reconstruct it and understand their attitude to it.

CONTACTS: phone 8 920 043 8123 (Ksenia Zobnina, coordinator of the project)
phone in Kazan: 8 (843) 567 8067
e-mail: (Yevgeniy Strelkov, curator of the project)

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