Inventing Sound


26.11 - 02.12.2013

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Program: [Synthetic]

Volga region branch
of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts
with support of
the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation,
the Flemish Government,
Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council of
the Embassy of Switzerland

in the frames of the
Swiss Made in Russia

Inventing Sound


Inventing Sound project is dedicated to the leading trend of contemporary audio visual art. German composer Helmut Lachenmann (b. 1935) made a step in contemporary music which is second in its significance only to John Cage – “a step over the base”. He indicated an important direction of musical movement: continuation of search for new possibilities of sound production with musical instruments. He has chosen the method of “particular instrumental music”.
Musical instruments resemble art objects. They are transformed in many different ways; sound and appearance are altered beyond recognition. Completely unexpected objects are used in performances: scratching balloons against a casing, touching strings with mini-fans… Sound production becomes a performative action, a musical event in itself, no less important than the sound resulting from it.

The project’s principal feature is active and creative mastering of this phenomenon in art. We divided it into following sections:
• Inventing the Sound exhibition
• chill out improvisations
• concerts of lead European music bands


Concert program:

24 November / 19:00
Phoenix (Basel, Switzerland)

Phoenix (Bazel, Switzerland) ensemble was founded in 1998. At present it is one of the most significant musical collectives of Switzerland with international renown. The ensemble is an “orchestra of a railway station” of sorts: it is constantly in motion, exploringnew horizons and returning from trips with a lot of new projects and contacts. For the last few years the ensemble toured all over Europe (including Venice Biennale 2010), in USA (Electronic Music marathon, Boston), as well as in Mexico, Argentina and China. As a part of Culturescapes festival program the group visited Turkey and Baltic countries. The ensemble organized support programs for their young composers, it participates in productions of plays, electronic and synthetic projects.

26 November / 19:00
Cantando (Nizhny Novgorod)


The project "living/nonliving" is an attempt to rethink this opposition (from the title of the project) in today's reality of musical and video art. These categories are facing, develop, interact on many different levels in this concert. Multidimensionality of the project consists in the use of new technologies by authors. Thus, for example, an interaction between human and machine is implemented on the more subjective level of perception given by the relations between electronics/video and acoustic ensemble, as well as on the more specific level of problems (such as, for example, in the piece "Vytesneniye"(eng. "Displacement") of Stanislav Makovsky associated with the struggle for existence of the Laboratory of Contemporary art in Jurga city)
In the concert you can hear music of Russian authors from different generations: Nikolay Popov, Stanislav Makovsky, Alexander Khubeev and Oleg Paiberdin alongside with their foreign collegues - Franck Bedrossian, Ivan Fedele and Jagoda Szmytka. There will also be video-works represented which was made in collaboration with composers by following video artists: Todor Pozharev, Marina Fomenko, Oleg Novikov, Jagoda Szmytka, Matthias Scholten.
Cantando (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod) – string quartet founded in 2005 under the guidance of professor Sofia Propischan, Honored artist of Russia, head of the string instruments department of the Nizhny Novgorod State Glinka Conservatoire. During studies the collective mastered a large repertoire of quartet music (F. Haydn, V. Mozart, L. Beethoven, F. Shubert, I. Brahms, S. Taneev, D. Shostakovich, E. Denisov). The ensemble participated in master classes of Kristof Mayer, specialist of authentic performance, head of the “Historical performance practices” project and Baroque & Classic festival in Nizhny Novgorod. The quartet actively participates in concert life of the city performing music of contemporary Nizhny Novgorod composers, performs with musicians from Nizhny Novgorod and Spain. Laureate of the II International Festival award – contest of chamber ensembles in Ruza - as a part of a string quintet. In 2010 – participant of the International Rubinstein chamber ensemble and string quartets competition. Two members of the quartet are studying for their PhDs at the Glinka NNSC in quartet class of professor S. Propischan since 2009.

2 декабря / 19:00
Nadar (Belgium)

About participants of the project:

Nadar (Belgium) – the ensemble was founded in 2006 by a group of young musicians united by passion for contemporary music. The name of the ensemble was chosen as a reference to famous Nadar (pseudonym of Gaspard-Félix Tournacho (1820-1910)), photographer, balloonist, caricaturist and art historian. His spirit of adventurism and interdisciplinary interests are something the ensemble wishes to share with the audience. The collective organized long-term projects with renowned composers such as Stefan Prins (b. 1979), Johannes Kreidler (b. 1980), Alexander Shubert (b. 1979). Furthermore, the ensemble is looking for alternative for their concert formats for the purpose of stimulation of a deeper dialogue between a composer, musicians and audience.

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CONTACTS: general inquires (831) 423 57 41, press contact (831) 422 7 555

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