Screen / Scape


09.08 - 25.08.2013, 16:00-20:00

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Program: [Regions]

Included in: [VIII Shiryaevo Biennale of Contemporary Art]

Suported by:
Embassy of France in Moscow
Institut Francaise
Alliance Francaise Samara

«Screen / Scape»
09.08 at 19.00

Curators: Jean-Louis Poitevin , Martial Verdier , founders of online magazine of TK-21 LaRevue.

Participating artists: Sophie Aboulkasem, Ulice Deborne, Alexandrine Boyer, Philippe Fabian, Chan Kai-Yuen, Christophe Galatry, Chang Seo-Young, Gao Jie, Chen Mei-tsen, Ha Taebum, Chong Jae-Kyoo, Jean-Guy Lathuiliere, Maitresse Cindy, Sophie Lecomte, Benedicte Plaige, Salvatore Puglia, Daphn Le Sergent, Jacques Robert, Xavier Lucchesi, Philippe Soussan, Maud Maffei, Damien Vallero, Oh Jaewoo, Martial Verdier, Olivier Perrot

For its eighth edition, «Screen: Between Europe And Asia», the Shiryaevo Biennale of Contemporary Art asked Jean-Louis Poitevin and Martial Verdier, founders with with Pierre Benielli of the online journal, TK-21, to present a program of photography and video works, and to invite three artists to work in situ. They chose to show a very open selection of artist works from various parts of the world.

The title of the biennial directly inspired the theme, and guided the choice of works. The notions of «screen» and «scape», are two of the main questions of TK-21 LaRevue. The question of implicit and explicit stages which at the same time allow the look to exist, determine it and limit it.

By making the «screen» our «scape», we transform every part of our lives into a «scape» which most glorious outcome is to become the endless flow coming on «screen» in our cities and our homes, in our brains. By presenting oriental artists from China and Korea in particular, we not only wanted to meet the general theme of the biennial, but also to show works and artists unknown in Europe.

Finally, we wanted to translate this general frame of thinking through examples both varied and meaningful.
Landscreen / Monster scape, Memoryscreen / Unforgettable scape, scape Object / Life screen, Body scape /
Eros screen, Bodyscreen / Inside scape, City screen / Abstract scape, Scape as Screen / Screen as Scape.
Through these titles we wanted to also give a sometimes funny sometimes tragic picture, always intense power lines that run our world, but also through our minds and our bodies.

But the greatest guest of this exhibition is the «image» itself, ghost notion that echoes in us to this «obscure object of desire» everywhere and nowhere grasped. As if we wanted to perform the somewhat crazy idea of building a «picture» of the «image» both radical and disturbing.

Jean-Louis Poitevin


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