This Workshop strives to be exemplary


05.07 - 04.08.2013, 00:00-20:00

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Program: [Exhibitions]

Exhibition of ZIP art-group and KISI (Krasnodar institute of contemporary art ) activists,
nominees of the INNOVATION 2012 in “New generation” nomination

«This Workshop strives to be exemplary”
5 July - 4 August 2013

Can art change the world? What would happen if art is taken beyond artistic reality and placed into non-artistic environment with which it freely interacts, where it exists on its own without control of an artist? Where are boundaries between art and non-art, object and subject of art?

Finding answers to these questions was the purpose of half a year experimental research conducted by Krasnodar artists together with the city youth community (The Workshop community); they realized numerous projects, changing social environment and city space through art. Documentation of these projects (photographs, video and installation objects made of materials at hand) makes up the basis of “This Workshop strives to be exemplary” exhibition.

The Workshop activities yielded certain results. For example, unauthorized pedestrian crossing drawn by the artists on a highway near Anapa was subsequently reproduced by the highway service. Furthermore, artistic activities had impact on city development perspective – creating intellectual-artistic environment of the new generation, drawing attention of the city community to contemporary art and socio-politic issues. For example, as a part of the Zone project, the artists designed special signs for different urban spaces which, akin to smoking zones, set certain rules of conduct inside the marked spaces and attracted notice of passers-by. And so on the streets of Krasnodar appeared zones of foolishness, horror, avarice, creation, aggression, destruction; step by step locals got involved into this game.

For the artists result is the main qualitative characteristic which they demonstrate to the audience. And that is exactly why the exhibition is presented in such a light manner which might remind the older generation of Soviet working men’s clubs and honors boards: wooden constructions, photographs, and banners are meant to tell about artistic events in Krasnodar in a simple, easy to understand way.

The opening ceremony will take place on the 4th of July at 19.00

ZIP art-group (named after the major Krasnodar art space located on territory of the Krasnodar measurement instrument factory): Stepan Subbotin (b. 1987, Krasnodar), Vasily Subbotin (b. 1991, Krasnodar), Evgeniy Rimkevich (b. 1987, Krasnodar). KISI (Krasnodar institute of contemporary art) activists: Viktor Linsky (b. 1987, Krasnodar), Yulia Kapustyan (b. 1991, Krasnodar), Alexander Likhanov (b. 1987, Chelyabinsk). All authors live and work in Krasnodar. “This Workshop strives to be exemplary” exhibition is displayed at the KISI experimental exhibition venue (Krasnodar) and XL Galery (Moscow).

Tue.-Sun. 12:00 – 20:00. Free admission.
ADDRESS: Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Kremlin, building 6.
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