17.05 - 18.06.2013

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, exhibition hall

Mayakovsky as Ivan Nova. ("Not for money born"). Moscow. 1918


Mayakovsky and international avant-garde art in documents and film footage


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                       NATIONAL CENTRE FOR                                  THE STATE MAYAKOVSKY MUSEUM 
                   CONTEMPORARY ARTS (NCCA)                                        
                          With the support of                                                   Under support of
       The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation             The Department of Culture of Moscow

Curators: Galina Antipova, Vitaly Patsyukov

Works by: David Burlyuk, Dziga Vertov, Robert Delaunay, René Clair, Lev Kuleshov, Fernand Léger, El Lisitsky, Lazslo Moholy-Nagy, Pablo Picasso, Alexander Rodchenko, Hans Richter, Walter Ruttmann, Sergey Eisenstein, as well as videoprojects, installations and books by graduates of the A.M. Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia, Marina Chernikova, Piotr Zhukov, T Group, Maria Yakunina, Viktor Goppe, Valery Korchagin, Viktor Lukin

Opening on Thursday, May 16, 7 pm

Tour around the exhibition with Eugenia Balantseva: Thursday, June 13, 7 pm 


Curators of the KINO-FOTO-LYUDOGUS exhibition aim at uncovering the connection between two major art forms – photography and cinema – in the culture of the 20th century international avant-garde art. Works by avant-garde artists who directly worked with these art forms will be presented at first and the exhibition’s central figure will be Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poet’s art practice and political essays, aimed at reinstating a new aesthetic, will be presented trough original materials such as manuscripts, photographs, documents, print publications from the State Mayakovsky Museum holdings.

The structure of the exhibition is formed to follow Mayakovsky’s travel route across cities in Russia, Europe, United States and Latin America. The Lyudogus character invented by Mayakovsky - a creature with a “tall neck”, one that “sees above all”, “sees only what is most important” – is transferred to the poet himself as an observant traveler, peeking into epicenters of global culture, capturing leading culture trends of his time like a photo or video camera.

Besides works by G. Klutsis, V. Kulagin, L. Lisitsky, F. Léger, P. Picasso, A. Rodchenko, D. Burlyuk, R. Delaunay, films by S. Eisenstein, L. Kuleshov, V. Pudovkin, W. Ruttmann, H. Richter, R. Clair, photographs by L. Moholy-Nagy, LEF, New LEF and The Thing magazines and others, the project will also feature film footage by directors M. Antonioni, B. Bertolucci, P.Garrel, A. Wajda, K. Marker.

Works by contemporary artists Marina Chernikova, Piotr Zhukov, Maria Yakunina, Valery Korchagin, Viktor Lukin, Viktor Goppe, T Group, and students of the Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia illustrate
the contemporary interpretation of Mayakovsky’s travels.


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