A Formal Relationship. Third Dialogue: Erik Bulatov, Vladimir Logutov

Exhibition project

20.02 - 03.03.2013

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Program: [Creative Workshops]

Place: IUM Gallery (Leningradsky prospekt, 17)

Curator: [Natalya Goncharova]

Participants: [Erik Bulatov], [Vladimir Logutov]

Vladimir Logutov. Structured Space. 2012

Organizers: NCCA, International University in Moscow (IUM)

Opening on February 19, 6 pm

“A Formal Relationship” was conceived as an intergenerational project. It envisages a series of exhibitions that bring together in one space works by the artists whose artistic language was formed in the 1960s-70s and those by the representatives of the new generation.

The third dialogue is between Erik Bulatov and Vladimir Logutov.

Erik Bulatov’s characteristic and recognizable creative method is the combination of poster texts, taken from the context of Soviet reality, with standard nature landscapes (sometimes, with figures). Besides social art themed work, Bulatov developed the theory of interplay between a painting and space in his early works.

Vladimir Logutov is often called the representative of “new” or “urban” formalism. Using non-linear editing, the artist creates layered space of a frame, often experimenting with space and time, and constructing shifts in neutral city landscapes. His focus is on manipulating the viewer’s attention.

The exhibition will present three new works by Vladimir Logutov from the Structured Space series.

The main theme of the exhibition is the artists’ interpretation of the space of canvas, paper and frame.

Free entrance

Erik Bulatov. Freedom is freedom, 1997-1998. NCCA's collection

Vladimir Logutov. Structured Space. 2012

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