"differently, Molussia" Film. Lecture By Author Nicolas Rey With Film Fragments Show

Video screening

12.12.2012, 19:30 Wednesday

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Program: [Video-cinema]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Coordinator: [Dasha Biryukova]

Participants: [Karina Karaeva], [Boris Nelepo]

The Molussian Catacomb is Austrian philosopher Gunther Anders’ only novel about an imaginary totalitarian state called Molussia (not to be confused with Molossia). The cousin of Walter Benjamin and Hannah Arendt’s husband, Gunther Anders made Molussia a personal myth and referred to it many times in his theoretical and philosophical texts. Anders finished the book in the 1930s but first saw it published only before his death in 1992. The book is a sort of anti-fascist A Thousand and One Nights: the main protagonists, prisoners, tell each other tales about the outside world and political parables. With its creepy atmosphere, the novel distinctly reminds one of James Kelman’s Translated Accounts.

Since any reading of the novel is intuitive and random, so does the format of the film based on the book and shot by director Nicolas Rey match this spontaneity. differently, Molussia (2011) is divided into nine different fragments that are shown in a random order (in Berlin, this order was decided by a random numbers generator). Therefore, Differently, Molussia makes up 362 800 potential films, each time transforming into something new.

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