Students at the Workshops of Contemporary Artists

Video screening, discussion

20.11.2012, 19:30 Tuesday

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Program: [Contemporary Art In An Open Society]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Curators: [Dmitry Grazhevich], [Yury Samodurov]

Participants: [Dmitry Grazhevich], [Olga and Oleg Tatarintsev], [Igor Shelkovsky], [Andrey Krasulin]

Also students of the Education Center 109 and its principal E.A. Yamburg will participate in the event.

Co-organizer: Artproject Contemporary Art Foundation

99% of monuments in Russia are dedicated to those historical figures and events that are part of the national state “pantheon”. However, there are almost no monuments that represent in an abstract form any other ideas or values of human existence, be that musicality or the beauty of pure geometric shapes etc.

The project curators have asked secondary school students to choose a number of objects that they would like to see in parks and streets of Moscow and, on their part, have told them about the concepts behind the creation of the suggested art objects.

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