The Avant-Garde Idea at the New Stage of Institutional Criticism


20.06.2012, 10:00-20:00 Wednesday

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Program: [History and theory of contemporary art]

Place: Project Fabrika

Coordinators: [Alexandra Obukhova], [Natalya Smolyanskaya], [Guillaume Garreta]

Participants: [Anastasya Zakharova], [Chukhrov Keti], [Gabriel Rockhill], [Jean-Marc Poinsot], [Viktor Misiano], [Anton Polsky], [Haim Sokol], [Guillaume Garreta], [Oleg Aronson], [Arseny Zhilyaev], [Natalya Smolyanskaya], [Alexey Penzin], [Ekaterina Degot], [Alexandra Obukhova]

Marcel Broodthaers

This one-day conference is dedicated to the theory of avant-garde and contemporary art practices. The following question blocks will be discussed during the conference:

1. The role of the concept of avant-garde, the duality of art's resistance to mass production and its participation in social life
2. The role of art in the new age of institutional criticism and art's relationship with the audience.
3. Theory's influence and the issue of bringing back or initiating a new stage of theorizing on avant-garde tendencies.

Organizers: International College of Philosophy (Paris), NCCA, PROEKT_FABRIKA
Supported by: Embassy of France in Russia, French University College in Moscow

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