Cinema: New Device


07.06 - 01.07.2012, 19:00-19:00

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Program: [Video-cinema]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, exhibition hall

Curator: [Karina Karaeva]

Coordinator: [Dasha Biryukova]

Participants: [Daniel Barroca], [Jean-Charles Fitoussi], [Philippe Grandrieux], [Cecilia Barriga], [Maria Cañas], [Group Provmyza], [Group Gentle Women], [Oleg Elagin], [Yulia Zastava], [Sonya Wyss], [Matthias Müller], [Christoph Girardet], [Christian Lebrat]

The Cinema: New Device exhibition will present some of the most outstanding works of contemporary cinema that advance its new visual language. One of the concepts of the exhibition is to trace the influence of video art on cinema. Today there is an emerging trend toward transferring video to cinematic space; however, there has still been no comprehensive analysis of this transfer. Cinema discovers experimental forms in videos and uses them in its set of means.

The works of Jean-Charles Fitoussi (France), Cecilia Barriga (Spain), Matthias Müller (Germany) and Provmyza Group (Russia) use the experience of directors like Werner Herzog and Jonas Mekas on the one hand, and the experience of video artists like Michael Snow on the other. A natural opposition appears between directors of this new cinema and contemporary video artists forming an independent narrative in visual culture.

The exhibition will provide a unique opportunity to compare these two visual art genres independently.

Exhibition opening: June 7, 7 pm

Co-organizers: Embassy of France in Moscow, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Moscow


Video show followed by artist's comments, discussion

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