Lifebackwards. Memories of the Future


19.05 - 19.06.2012

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Program: [Cooperation]

Place: Tula Necropolis Museum

Curator: [Natalya Goncharova]

Participants: [Anton Olshvang], [ Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina ], [Vladimir Logutov], [Leonid Tishkov], [Valery Korchagin], [Andrey Kuzkin], [Vladislav Efimov], [Evgeny Medvedev], [Pavel Brat], [Marina Perchikhina], [Natalya Fomicheva], [Alexey Troshin], [Haim Sokol]

Partners: Tula City Administration Culture Department, Tula Necropolis Museum, Tula Museum of Fine Arts

Haim Sokol. Invisible. Installation. 2007-2010

Humanity has long since been living in a systematic crisis of recycling of objects and ideas. Useless things and waste go to garbage dumps, while intellectual waste ends up in memory dumps. The main strategy of this exhibition project is observation, tracing, choice and cultural recycling.

Artists are offered to work with cultural and archive material that has become obsolete. In this case an old picture, a broken and useless thing or object, industrial waste, forgotten situation etc. catch the artist's attention and get a second life in new edition.

The project is named after a poem by Velimir Khlebnikov “Mirskontsa” (Worldbackwards).

A series of master classes with artists, as well as a round table to discuss the issue of interaction between the traditional museum and current art practices are also planned within the project.

The project will include artists from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tula and Samara.

Organizers: NCCA, Tula Necropolis Museum, Tula Museum of Fine Arts

Co-organizer: Tula City Administration Culture Department

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