Penetration Experience. International Practices of Young Russian Curators


01.03.2012, 19:00 Thursday

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Program: [History and theory of contemporary art]

Included in: [Kuratorium: European experiences of young Russian curators]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Curator: [Alexandra Obukhova]

Participants: [Leonid Bazhanov], [Alisa Savitskaya], [Maria Udovydchenko], [Zoya Katashinskaya], [Alexandra Semenova], [Andrey Parshikov], [Daria Cherkashina], [Zinaida Shershun]

Zoe Katashinskaya

The results of young Russian curators’ fellowship in museums and art institutions of Western Europe participated in the program at National Institute of Culture of the European Union (EUNIC) will be summed up at one-day conference “Penetration Experiences. International Practices of Young Russian Curators”. Each of the participants will talk about his or her new professional experience gained in the work during the fellowship, the difficulties and advantages of cooperation with foreign partners, the search for common ground with colleagues from other countries, the fulfilled (and unfulfilled) expectations related to the fellowship, the exhibition and research projects they participated in.

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