Visual scores and duos. 133 anniversary of Kazimir Malevich

Public talk, lecture, concert

28.02.2012, 19:00 Tuesday

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Coordinator: [Aliya Berdigaliyeva]

Participants: [ XX Century Ensemble], [Aliya Berdigaliyeva]

Kazimir Malevich. Sketch for the portrait of Roslavets.
Song to the blue clouds. Around 1907

The program of the evening will feature early and mature works by Nikolai Roslavets related to the traditions of Suprematism and Russian classical avant-garde.

Composer Nikolai Roslavets, who spearheaded the music avant-garde, from his youth was a close friend of Kazimir Malevich. Their artistic relationships allowed Kazimir Malevich to write one of the most radical articles “On Music” where he outlined the basic principles of visual imagery in modern music, acoustic forms of Suprematism and the relevance of sounding masses in a music artwork.

Nikolai Roslavets went down in history of musical culture as the creator of “new system of sound organization”. His strategies and technologies were close to the art systems of State Institute of Artistic Culture and Vkhutemas. The principle propounded by Nikolai Roslavets was in some way similar to Arnold Schoenberg’s dodecaphony, at the same time it contained a totally unique forms of sound spaces organization.


Lecture "Acoustic forms of suprematism"
by Aliya Berdigalieva

String Quartet 3 (1916);
Waltz for Violin and Piano (1923 - 1925);
Five Preludes for Piano (1919-1922)
performed by an XX Century Ensemble (artistic director - Maria Khodina)

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