Meeting with Sergey Borisov and video show of his chronicle of artistic life in Moscow in the 1980s

Public talk, video screening

07.02.2012, 19:00 Tuesday

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Program: [Contemporary Russian art from A to Z]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Moderator: [Zinaida Starodubtseva]

Participants: [Sergey Shutov], [Kirill Preobrazhensky], [Georgy Ostretsov], [German Vinogradov], [Sergey Borisov]

Sergey Borisov. Self-portrait

Exhibitions, actions, artist's studios

Sergey Borisov (born in 1947) is a Moscow well-known photographer who took up photography in the mid of 1970’s. In 1979 Borisov opened “Studio 50A” which became a center of informal artistic life in Moscow. At that time he made a series of portraits of non-conformist artists exhibited at Malaya Gruzinskaya. In the early years of “Perestroika” his photos of the underground artists, youth culture and fashion have been published in leading international magazines and newspapers. The major solo exhibition of Borisov “People and Time” was held in 2007 at the Moscow House of Photography; in 2010 his photos were exhibited at the contemporary Russian art shows “La Lecon de l'histoire” in Paris, “Glasnost” in London.

The Video chronicles of the artistic life in Moscow and Leningrad at the second half of 1980’s, taken by Sergei Borisov on the amateur video camera documenting one of the most important steps out of the underground art, alternative music and theater from the “underground”. Among the filmed events – the youth exhibitions at the Kuznetsky Most, exhibitions at Kashirka and Belyaevo, actions by the avant-garde Club and by the “World Champions group”, performances by G. Bruskin and G. Ostretsov, as well as the famous Sotheby's auction in Moscow in 1988. Borisov, who met and became friends with many Moscow unofficial artists in the late 1970s, made a series of video interviews at the studios of these artists during the “perestroika” (E. Bulatov, Oleg Vassiliev, I. Kabakov, Vladimir Nemukhin, D. Plavinskiy, B. Sveshnikov, E. Steinberg, I. Chuikov, V. Yankilevsky, etc.), as well as at the studios of young artists from Leningrad (S. Bugaev, O. Kotelnikov, T. Novikov, etc.). 

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