Beat the reds with the white wedge!

Round table, exposition

26.01.2012, 19:00 Thursday

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Coordinator: [Aliya Berdigaliyeva]

Moderator: [Gleb Morev]

Participants: [Anatoly Golubovsky], [Valentin Dyakonov], [Alexander Baunov], [Anton Litvin], [Alexander Morozov], [Nataliya Zlydneva]

Partners: ArtConcept Exhibitions & Art Management

Vyacheslav Sysoyev. Beat the reds with the white wedge. 1995

Inversion logic of Russian culture. Russian political art in the 1990s and today

The main focuses of the discussion “Beat the reds with the white wedge” are the following: the problem of interaction between contemporary art and politics, the possibility of “political art” today, its formal and substantive positions.

One of the topics to discuss at the “round table” will be the problem of “isolationism” of contemporary art, which, anyway, is cultivated by the art institutions. Round table is accompanied by the exhibition of such artists as Vyacheslav Sysoev, Vladimir Dubossarsky, “Pertzy” art group (Oleg Petrenko, Lyudmila Skripkina), Igor Meglitzky, Vasya Lozhkin, Victoria Lomasko, Tovarisch U (Vladimir Mironenko). Exposition is based on graphic art as universal instrument of political phenomenas.

Exposition on Jan 25 and 26, NCCA, the small hall

Organizers: National centre for contemporary art, ArtConcept Exhibitions & Art Management (Zurich, Switzerland)

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