Myths and utopias of the paper age

Workshop, discussion

23.11.2011, 19:00 Wednesday

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Program: [Context of the visual]

Included in: [Paper age]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Participants: [ Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina ], [Vyacheslav Koleychuk], [Yury Zlotnikov], [Vladimir Martynov], [Andrey Krasulin], [Yury Albert], [Leonid Tishkov], [Victor Skersis], [Andrey Suzdalev], [Sergey Katran]

Haim Sokol. No title (fragment), 2010

The art of Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina originates from a «paper» culture – book illustrations, drawings, etchings and serialography. It is in the layers of «paper» artistic reality born visual mythology of artists associated with the lost texts, palimpsest, found manuscripts and archival strategies. Nostalgia for the outgoing information medium runs through all the work of these artists, forming in a variety of imaginative style an almost encyclopedic universal system. The paper in the work of Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina appears in installations, art objects, conceptual graphic series.

The visual philosophy of projects by Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina relies mainly on vulnerability and selflessness «of the creative substance» of paper, where mythological text is always identical to the ideal historical vectors of paper technology.

The workshop is accompanied by an exhibition and video screening.

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