Alexander Alexeyev commemoration meeting

Public talk

20.09.2011, 18:30 Tuesday

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Program: [Collections]

Included in: [Creator of shimmering forms]

Place: The State Literature Museum, exhibition halls of House of I.S. Ostroukhov (Trubnikovsky per., 17)

Participants: [Alexey Dmitrenko], [Naum Kleiman], [ Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina ], [Yury Norstein], [Lyudmila Petrushevskaya], [Leonid Tishkov], Andrey Khrzhanovsky, [Boris Fridman], [Dominique Willoughby], [Viktor Leonidov]

Alexandre Alexandrovitch Alexeieff (1901 – 1982) is a graphic artist, illustrator and author of animated films that were shot by the technique that he developed, pinscreen animation. In 1920 he left Russia and settled in France where series of books of Russian classical literature and some French authors in small number of copies were printed with original illustrations made in xylograph, etching and lithography techniques. In the sphere of animated films in 1930s Alekseev created one of the most mysterious films «Night on Bald Mountain», films « The Nose», « Pictures at an Exhibition », etc.

Although Aleksandr Alekseev was well-known in Europe and in the USA, it's not a long time that his name got known in Russia. So far in our country there was no exhibition that enabled to give a complete idea of this artist's oeuvre that is still interesting up till now.

Aleksandr Alekseev as an animator influenced the oeuvre of Stan Brakhage, Yury Norstein, Norman McLaren who shot two films about him in 1960 and in 1972, Tim Burton considers Alekseev his teacher.

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