Anne-Sarah Le Meur (France)

Projects presentation, performance

10.06.2011, 19:00-21:00 Friday

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Program: [Cooperation]

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the small hall

Participants: Anne-Sarah Le Meur, [Natalya Goncharova], [Natalya Smolyanskaya]

Anne-Sarah Le Meur's interactive performance will be presented time to Russian audience for the first, unique experiments of French artist with 3D image, which changes in real time. Anne-Sarah Le Meur bases on works of such artists as James Turrell, Stan Brakage, Mark Rothko in her experiments of creating axonometric virtual light. Visual light interactive performance «Eye-Ocean», 3D, 2007 (10 min) will take place in the beginning of the evening. Anne-Sarah will tell about the process of creating in conditions of real time light image with help of colour negative; after that the presentation of interactive installation «Outreronde» will take place. Audience is in the center of cylindrical screen with diameter 3,5 meter and enters the interaction with image, which revolves around it depending on the speed of rotation and the smallest movements.

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